‘Outdaughtered’ News: Danielle Busby Explains How To Buy The Shirts Quint’s Made

Danielle and Adam Busy Outdaughtered Instagram

Last night on a new episode of Outdaughtered Danielle Busby shared shirts that the quints made. They were raising money for a great cause with the sales of them. The money goes to the NICU where the quints were when they were little. Danielle shared on her Instagram about how you can get these shirts.

Danielle shares about the shirts from Outdaughtered

On her Instagram, Danielle Busby shared the picture below. It shows the Outdaughtered quints in the shirts that they drew. Everyone seems to love these adorable shirts. The girls were really proud of them.


How do you actually order the shirts?

The small issue with the post about the Outdaughtered shirts is that some fans still don’t understand how to get them. You have to check out the It’s a Buzz World site. The shirts that the girls made are only $15 each. Danielle also shares other things on this site. They have bows and other t-shirts available. Just remember that the ones the quints are made are the only ones that give a donation to the NICU. A lot of things on the site other than the shirts are already sold-out. This looks like an extra way for Danielle to make a bit of money and help support her family.

So far, TLC hasn’t shared when Outdaughtered will be back for another season. The fans love watching this family. They did reveal that they had cameras along with them not long ago. That means more of the Busby quints should be coming soon.

Are you excited to order a shirt from the quints? Share your thoughts in the comments. Don’t miss new episodes of Outdaughtered when it returns to TLC.

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