‘sMothered’: Will There Be A Second Season?

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When TLC introduced its new show, sMothered, fans were hooked. The show features close mother-daughter relationships. Now, mothers and daughters being friends or being close to each other is totally normal. On sMothered, these mom and daughter pairs take things to the next level.

These relationships include things like sharing the same bath water. The mom and daughter relationships on the show are pretty unconventional, which is why fans can’t seem to look away. Some of the scenes can make viewers cringe, but this is exactly why the TLC show became popular.

The first episode of the first season premiered on Sunday, June 9 on TLC. Then, the finale aired on Sunday, July 28. This means that it’s time to figure out whether there will be another season of the show.


Will there be a second season of sMothered?

Because sMothered hooked viewers, fans of the show are beginning to wonder whether there will be a second season. As of right now, TLC has not confirmed or denied whether there will be another season. An official announcement leaning either way has yet to be announced.

Fans are hopeful that they will hear good news about the second season soon. For now, it’s a waiting game until TLC makes that announcement. Fans are speculating about the final answer, but nobody knows for sure yet. It is worth noting that the final ratings for Season One of the show may not be in yet. TLC may be waiting on the ratings to decide whether it’s worth renewing or not.

If there is a second season, it won’t air for a little while because of production. If TLC decides to make a second season, we can expect it sometime next year. When TLC announces whether there will be a second season, the network will likely share details about the premiere date. If not, the network will share updates about that when the premiere is closer.

It’s safe to say that there is plenty more to these mother-daughter relationships that we haven’t seen yet. The show could feature the same mother-daughter pairings or add new ones to the mix with each season.

Dawn and Cher Hubsher spoke about a possible second season. Cher said, “Right now, we’re hoping, we don’t know, you know.”


One fan even came up with an idea and shared it on Twitter, saying, “We need Cristina and Kathy from sMothered to have their own show, can you please make that happen.” Who knows what the potential next season will look like?

Do you think that there will be a second season of sMothered? Would you like to see a second season of the show? Leave a comment below!

For more updates about sMothered and other TLC shows, stay tuned!

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