Duggar Fans Think Abbie Is Expecting In Recent Picture

John and Abbie Duggar Instagram

John and Abbie Duggar got married less than a year ago, but Duggar fans are eager to hear that they are expecting a baby. Typically, in the Duggar family, newlyweds are quick to begin growing their families.


For now, it seems like John and Abbie have decided to take their time. In the past, they have done things differently from their family members as well. For example, they got married later in life than most of the children in the household have so far. Plus, they had different courtship rules.

It will be interesting to see what else they do differently. Maybe they are waiting to have a child or they may not want to have any children at all.

A couple of months ago, Jessa Seewald, John’s sister, made a post about the babies being born in the fall and winter. The babies due this year will be born in the fall. Fans began thinking that Abbie may be expecting and that she is due in the winter. Jill Dillard says that she is not pregnant.

Duggar fans think Abbie is expecting

At any given moment, there are rumors about women in this family who may be expecting. Fans are often speculating about the next courtship, wedding, or baby in the family. As of late, fans have been thinking that Abbie will be the next one to get pregnant. A recent photo the couple shared on their joint Instagram is only fueling that flame.

On Monday, John and Abbie shared a post while at an annual air show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The first photo caught fans’ eyes and fans began speculating that Abbie is expecting. In the first photo, John has his arms around Abbie’s waist and his hands are resting on her stomach. The other pictures in the post featured flying planes in formation and John standing beside a helicopter. In the caption, they wrote, “A pilot’s dream world!”


One fan commented, “I thought this was a pregnancy announcement!” Someone replied and said, “me too lol. I got super excited”. Another reply to the original comment read, “IDK. But by the way they both are holding her stomach, she could be.” Then, one fan tried to clear up the speculation, saying, “my husband and I pose like this ALLL the time and we’ve been married over a year now but aren’t pregnant yet. This says nothing except they love each other.”

As of right now, the couple has yet to reply to these comments and clear anything up. They might try to stay out of it though. If the couple is expecting, they will share the news with their fans when it is time.

What do you think of the recent post? Do you agree with the fans who think Abbie is expecting? Leave a comment below!

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