Todd Chrisley Posts Picture On Instagram Of The Woman Giving Him Botox

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Todd Chrisley has never been shy about having injections to help him stay looking young. It seems he doesn’t mind giving the people who provide him with such a service on his Instagram. He posted a picture with his wife and his self proclaimed injector on his Instagram yesterday.

He went to Elkhart Indiana to get his injections from Pam Chaney. Chrisley caption the photo, “I’m getting my botox from the talented injector @pamchaneyaesthetics.”

Todd Chrisley Went To The Best For Botox

Chrisley is dressed in his usually sleek way with a black jacket and white pants. He looks like he’s glowing and either just finished or is going to have Botox. A look at Pam Chaney Aesthetics Instagram shows they had a meet and greet with Todd Chrisley in the afternoon. That explains why the reality star was publicizing his visit.

Visiting their website you can see they’ve been named the Best Spa of Elkhart County for 2019. Pam was coined, “the DaVinci with a syringe,” by people in the industry because of her skills with injectables. She’s been featured in countless magazines and in USA Today. It makes sense why Todd would go to her.

What Did The Other Chrisleys and Fans Have To Say?

His daughter Savannah Chrisley commented on the photo with heart faces and hashtagged goals. It’s unclear if she has goals for Botox one day or if she has goals to just look that cool under an anesthetics sign.

Fans appreciate the honesty, with one fan commenting, “I appreciate how open y’all are about cosmetic enhancements.” Of course, there are those who think botox is unnecessary for Todd. One commented, “why though, this isn’t needed?”

Recently after breaking his femur, Chrisley talked about it on his podcast. On Chrisley Confessions, he said he’d never broken anything or had surgery before this. He said he’d had injections here and there, but no surgery. Because of this, he behaved like a big baby during recovery. In a world of people who get lots of surgery and then deny it, it’s refreshing to have someone tell the truth. Here’s hoping he’ll always be this honest.

Don’t miss the big finale of Chrisley Knows Best when it airs on USA Network this week.

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