Duggar Fans Love Jana’s New Picture Of Spurgeon

'Counting On' Jana Duggar Instagram

Duggar fans love seeing updates about the family. Many fans of Counting On follow the stars on social media. On Instagram, most of the family members share regular posts.

Among Duggar fans, Ben and Jessa Seewald’s kids are a few of the favorites. They are the parents of three young children. Spurgeon is 3, Henry is 2, and Ivy is 2 months old.

Though Jessa has not posted on social media in two weeks, her sister Jana recently shared a picture of Spurgeon.

It looks like Spurgeon might have been at a coffee shop with his aunt. In the photo, he’s holding a coffee cup, wearing a hat, and smiling for the camera. In her caption, Jana writes, “Hanging with this cool kid!”


Duggar fans love Jana’s new post

In the comments of Jana’s post, fans are commenting on how cute Spurgeon is. They love the new picture she shared of her sweet nephew.

One fan commented, “Wow, he looks so much like Jessa! He’s adorable”. Another wrote, “Spurgeon sure is growing up fast. Such a cutie pie.”

Then, somebody commented, “Spurge wearing hats like his dad #coolkid”. Fans of the family have seen Spurgeon’s dad Ben wearing similar hats before. It looks like Spurgeon is taking after him in that way.

Some of the fans also think that Spurgeon looks like his dad. One wrote, “So grown up looking! He looks just like Ben in this pic!”

Then, one fan added, “Love videos of Spurgy talking.. hint hint..” In the past, Jessa has shared cute videos of her son talking. On Twitter, she also created a few tweets including the funny things that he says.


In a recent tweet, Jessa wrote, “Spurgeon was sitting in his carseat in the back of the car. ‘Hey, baby Ivy!’ *waiting for a response* ‘I hear her! She’s saying nothing!’ #SayingsOfSpurgeon”.

In another tweet, she wrote, “After locking up the house and loading in the car we realized we’d forgotten something. I said ‘Sorry, Babe.’ As Ben hopped out to go back in the house, Spurgeon shouted from the back of the car, ‘Hey, where is Babe going?’ #SayingsOfSpurgeon”

It sounds like fans think Spurgeon is absolutely adorable and funny too. Fans are looking forward to more updates about the little guy.

What do you think of the new picture that Jana shared? Leave a comment below!

Counting On will return to TLC in the fall, but a premiere date has yet to be announced. For updates about the Duggar family and the show, stay tuned.

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