‘The Little Couple’ Returns Soon, Real Life Family Explore Zoey’s Indian Roots In Mumbai

The Little Couple

The Little Couple arrives with a new season on August 6. The TLC teasers explain that we continue to follow the lives of Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein. Of course, we’ll also see a lot more of their adopted children, Will and Zoey.  Fans of the show know the family relocated to St.Petersburg, Floria, from Houston, Texas, so Jennifer could take a post at the at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. Now, in real life, the family’s in Mumbai where Zoey’s loving learning more about her Indian culture. Back in a previous season, we saw the couple visit China, where their son originated from.

The Little Couple kids, Will and Zoey both adopted

Just to recap, the couple adopted Will who came from China, and Zoe came from India. In their book, Think Big, the couple describes how they went to India and managed to finally get Zoey home to the USA in 2013. This was a hard time for Bill, as Jen rushed back to the USA with a medical issue. Nevertheless, the little family seems to have thrived since then. All of them suffer one form of dwarfism or another, and Jen, in particular, had many surgical procedures over the years.

As the children grow,  they seem well settled in their new Florida home now. People reported in an exclusive that Bill Klein mentioned Zoey’s very interested in her cultural heritage In fact,  she’s enjoying “Bollywood dancing.” Jen noted, “Zoey, like Will, is pretty proud of her heritage. You know, Will loves everything China, and Zoey loves everything India. I think at this point, as Zoey is getting older, she is more inquisitive. It’s kind of fun. It makes me really proud that she is interested.”


Leal life trip to Mumbai, India

In real life, The Little Couple and the kids vacation in India, so it looks like Zoey’s really getting into her cultural heritage. Both Will and Jen posted up some photos on Instagram over the last couple of days. Jen shared a picture of Bill, and the two kids, and captioned it with, Day 2 in #Mumbai- we were a little more tired today, ate more great food, and visited a beautiful museum.”

One fan asked if Zoey experienced any “a-ha moments at this age in India.” Another noted, “Absolutely adorable! Have a fabulous trip with your beautiful family ❤️.”  Referring to Jen leaving India back when she had her medical emergency, another fan said, “So Glad Jen can enjoy Zoey’s homeland this time…I hope we get to see it on your show 😉🤞🏻💗.”


Meanwhile, Bill’s post showed the cute little kids enjoying some night swimming in a giant pool in India. It certainly looks like family’s enjoying themselves over there. Maybe we’ll get to see some of their adventures in the upcoming season of the show. What do you think of Zoey and the chance to become immersed in her Indian culture in Mumbai? Do think its a wonderful thing for her to know her roots? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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