‘Vanderpump Rules’ Couple Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Got A Marriage License In Vegas

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Lance Bass spoke the truth about Vanderpump Rules couple Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney when he accidentally told everyone they weren’t really married. Things are all starting to make sense now. E News reported Tom and Katie got their official license in Vegas which points to a new ceremony. At the very least it points to a party. Brittany and Jax also were on a flight to Vegas sharing an Instagram story among rumors their marriage was in trouble.

When Lance Bass apologized for spilling the beans on their marriage status, everyone still wanted to know. The former boy bander didn’t say he’d been incorrect, he just said he wasn’t supposed to say anything. Now we know they needed a real license and acquired one in Vegas. We just aren’t sure what happened the first time when they were married on Vanderpump Rules.


What We Know About The Vanderpump Rules Couple’s Second Wedding

Really all we know right now about the wedding is it’s most likely happening. The couple is in Vegas according to posts on their social media and so are Randall Emmett, Jax, and Brittany. After everything that’s been made over the marriage it wouldn’t surprise anyone if they simply eloped. That’s not how reality stars do things.

According to an article on Cheat Sheet after the ceremony in 2016 they didn’t send in the proper paperwork. They are not legally married in the eyes of California. It isn’t clear why the paperwork didn’t get sent in although Lance had sort of made it seem like Schwartz was to blame. This is a story line for Season 8 which is most likely why the couple hasn’t said anything about it.

It’s probably safe to say the Vegas wedding will also be shown on Vanderpump Rules as well. The show has a history of denying things the media reports on until it has been aired on the show. Lance was just a little too quick to share the truth and maybe still a little drunk off the high of officiating Jax and Brittany’s wedding. It will be interesting to see if Katie Maloney wants to go just as over the top with her second TV wedding. There’s sure to be a lot of drama along the way.

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