‘Little People Big World’: Amy Roloff Loses Out On A New Home She Wanted

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Little People, Big World showed us in the recent season, Amy Roloff finally accepted a buy-out option on the farm. Fans were saddened, but Matt Roloff explained the old house was hers to live in as long as she wants. However, it seems she decided to just move on. Over on her Instagram lately, she posted a bit about how finding the right place just isn’t all that easy. Now, she lost out on a home she wanted but at least she had Chris there to comfort her.

‘Little People, Big World’s’ Amy Roloff won’t move before Jacob’s wedding

TV Shows Ace reported back in June, “Matt Roloff shared a photo of Jacob getting ready for his wedding. He captioned the photo with, “The original’ baby J getting all suited up for his big day right around the corner. @jacobroloff45 marriage to the beautiful and wonderful @isabelsofiarock.”

We also noted that news already came out that Jacob’s getting married in September and it will take place on the farm. So, while Amy’s house hunting, it seems she probably won’t leave the house until then. Mind you, she’s been hunting around for months now, for a new place. She shared photos of her bundling up things that won’t go with her. It seems that the idea of moving is both “scary” and “exciting.”


So many choices and Amy wants the right home for the future

As you can see in the post above, the househunting’s been going on for around six months. The Little people, Big World star notes that she finally thought the perfect home could be within her grasp. However, she got saddened as her offer “got beat out again by a higher offer.”  However, Amy’s one person who won’t just sit and cry about circumstances.

She’s still determined to keep looking, and soon we hope she finds the perfect place for her. In fact, feeling down is something that motivates Amy to do something she really loves – cooking. Of course, we know all about her Amy’s Little Kitchen products, and they grew out of her love for things foodie. So, taking her frustration off to do something she enjoys, she prepared a lovely meal.


Sad, but Chris Marek’s there to comfort her

For Amy, a combination of good food and the company of Chris Marek helped make up for the sadness over losing out on the perfect house. She wrote, “I was bummed my offer on a house got rejected. I was thankful Chris was with me and the comfort he gave to just quietly help me to let it go and tell me there’s going to be another house I can make a home. ❤️One way for me to get out of a rut is to cook. So we had a nice quiet wonderful Sunday having brunch, a cup of coffee and just being together. Thanks, babe. Life is still good.”

Well, at least Amy’s not alone in her new adventure and while looking for a new home. Many fans still hope that one day, Chris will propose to Amy Roloff and make the reality TV star happy forever. What do you think about her leaving the farm? Do you hope she finds the perfect home soon? Sound off your feelings in the comments below

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