Duggar Fans Love John-David And Abbie’s New Post

John and Abbie Duggar Instagram

John-David and Abbie Duggar are one of Duggar fans’ favorite couples. Fans have decided that John and Abbie are the cutest couple. Fans of the family seem to be obsessed with this couple in particular. Because of this, John and Abbie get plenty of love from their fans on social media.

On Tuesday, the couple shared a new post on their joint Instagram account. The first picture features the couple posing together. In the second picture, there is a sign advertising homemade peach ice cream. In the caption, they explain, “We enjoyed helping our family make and sell over 100 gallons of homemade peach ice cream this past weekend! #stratfordpeachfestival”.


While fans do care about the peach festival, they are loving the new picture of John and Abbie. In the comments section, one fan writes, “It makes my heart so happy to see you two smiling..” Another adds, “love the love you have together”. One fan left a very sweet comment, saying, “Abbie just has the sweetest smile ever! I see why you fell in love with her. She exudes sheer joy!”

Recently, John and Abbie returned to Instagram after a two-month-long break from social media. Fans were very happy to see them posting again. Though they don’t share a lot of posts, fans still love to follow along and see what they are up to. On their most recent post, one fan commented, “Thanks for the update! Was wondering what y’all are up to.”

John and Abbie Duggar’s marriage

Throughout John and Abbie’s courtship, they seemed to do things a little bit differently. They got married later in life than the other Duggar children have. They also chose to show more PDA while they were courting. Usually, PDA is very limited in this family’s courtships.


In addition, Abbie was working as a nurse when they got married. It’s unclear whether she is working now, but she is different than most Duggar women for this reason.

Recently, the couple celebrated their one-year engagement anniversary. They tied the knot on November 3, 2018. As of right now, it looks like the couple is enjoying married life. They have yet to announce a pregnancy, but fans are sure Abbie will be the next Duggar to become a mom. In the meantime, they are focusing on each other.


What do you think of the cute new picture that John and Abbie shared? Are they one of your favorite Duggar couples too? Leave a comment below!

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