‘The Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Caught In Unlikely Relationship

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Colton Underwood tried to fight for love on The Bachelorette before his time as the star of The Bachelor. He finally was able to find someone to (hopefully) spend his life with after his season of The Bachelor. Now, it sounds like he is in a pretty odd friendship.

Colton Underwood…Friends With His Ex from Bachelor nation

Remember when Colton Underwood started falling in love with Becca Kufrin AKA The Bachelorette of his season? Unfortunately, the football star was sent home right before fantasy suites. However, US Weekly says the two are good friends. Not only that, but they hang out in a trio with Becca’s fiance and Colton’s competitor – Garrett Yrigoyen. Talk about a weird relationship.

Colton Underwood is even going as far as to invite his Bachelor alumni friends over to his house. He says that now Becca lives in San Diego and that they are both “awesome people.”

Apparently, this all stems from how much Becca helped him when he was trying to find love.


“Becca was there to support me through sort of the ups and downs of it playing out in the public eye and really not knowing how to deal with it,” Colton said. “She’s been an awesome friend to me.”

Colton isn’t alone

Apparently, it’s not just Colton who thinks they are friends. Becca admitted back in May that the two were close as well. Colton was super torn up about their relationship ending so it seems surprising he could get past that. Although, he does seem pretty in love with his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph.

Colton attributes the idea of being able to be friends to the unique experience they went through together. This really does make sense, and it’s not a thing that normal couples could ever relate to. That makes it even harder for the public to see how it could happen but makes sense.

It’s great to hear that people really can stay friends with their exes. Maybe, the show is about more than just finding love but also finding friendships.

Do you think it’s weird for Colton, Becca, and Garrett to be such good friends? Or, do you think it’s totally normal? Let us know what you think about it all in the comments. Be sure to watch The Bachelorette wrap up as Hannah finds love AND watch Bachelor in Paradise in two weeks. It’s a great summer to be apart of Bachelor Nation!

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