‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel’s Mom Confronts Pedro In His Home With A Taser – Did She break The Law?

The Family Chantel

The Family Chantel aired its first episode Monday night. Of course, fans expected drama, but this time it seems that Chantel’s mom, Karen went over the top. Apart from suggesting Pedro and his family acted as “borderline body traffickers,” she took things much further. In fact, she confronted Pedro in his own home with a taser. Fans freaked about that because it seems unacceptable behavior.

The Family Chantel picks up where 90 Day Fiance ended

The new spinoff basically continues the never-ending drama between Pedro and Chantel’s families. In fact, how this relationship could ever end well’s uncertain. Definitely, fans think way too many people got involved in this marriage. Episode one showed all of Chantel’s family rise up as one to confront him. Fans know that Chantel went over to the Dominican Republic, even though Pedro told her not to. Of course, the story that he enjoyed dancing and even a lap-dance with another woman came out.

In the show, we saw Chantel with her parents, her sister, and her brother. They pressed her for details on what happened in the DR but she was very reluctant to tell them. But, they pressured her, and as usual, she spilled all the beans. When it got to the part that a friend told Chantel the family of Pedro arranged his marriage, Karen flipped. She “knew” she was right about this all along. The entire family decided to rush off to confront Pedro. Meanwhile, Chantel really didn’t want that and rushed to get there as well.

The taser incident, Karen lied about it

Busting in after banging on the door, Pedro, who hasn’t seen them for nearly a year got the shock of his life. Well, Karen previously told her husband she was not being “aggressive.” However, the matriarch of The Family Chantel walked in with her taser. In fact, Chantel tried to take the taser away and it sparked. When Pedro saw it, he asked her what it was and Karen replied, saying, it’s a “flashlight,” adding, “a tactical one.” So, in a way she lied.

Pedro felt it was wrong for them to go to his house to question his relationship. He even tested the taser to confirm it was what he thought and asked why they brought it to him. Speaking to the camera, he noted, “her mom came into my apartment with a taser…and that’s a weapon.” He added, “do you know how dangerous this is?” He also noted things had moved on and felt like a”movie.”

Fans think the taser’s over the top in The Family Chantel

Well, some fans think what Karen did with the Taser was over the top. On Twitter, @LegendaryEgos posted, “#MotherChantel is so ignorant & a narcissist. She keeps saying how we do things in America. I wish Pedro would’ve secretly called the Police & have them arrested for trespassing. Then get a restraining order against her because she had the taser.”

@Dawnmarie930 noted, “We don’t want anything to happen to you”…says the lady that barged into his house with a goddamn taser!” Meanwhile, another tweet about The Family Chantel said, “Lord have mercy, we’re only 10 minutes in and Karen already got the taser out.” Well, for the average family, confronting a son-in-law with a weapon’s not all that common. 


Did Karen break the law, and is a taser a weapon in the USA?

Actually, it seems what Karen of The Family Chantel had was not an actual taser. “While a Taser can be shot from a distance, a stun gun requires direct contact with the attacker. Both deliver a powerful shock to the attacker and are meant to give you time to create some distance between the two of you,” notes A secure Life. What Karen had seemed to be a stun gun rather than a taser. However, in some states, counties, and cities, you need special permission to own either one.  In some places, it’s illegal to own at all.

According to Stun Gun Buyer Guide, there are requirements to produce for having one. These include Iowa. Illinois, Michigan, and Mississippi. Meanwhile in Chicago, IL, Ocean City, MD, Ruston, WA, and Baltimore County, MD, “it’s illegal to own or possess one.” Where they are allowable, mostly, they can only be used for self-defense and may not be transported in a vehicle.

So, while we don’t know if the stun gun is registered, we don’t know how confronting someone in their home, when Karen was not under personal threat would be viewed. If there’s a victim in this instance, it seems to be Pedro, who was not aggressive at the time.

What do you think about Karen pulling out a taser-type stun gun on her son-in-law when he was not acting aggressively? That was hardly in self-defense, after all. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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