‘Bachelorette’ Frontrunner Tyler C Defends Luke P. on Twitter

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When Luke P. crashed the rose ceremony in Greece on The Bachelorette, Chris Harrison was fearful of how the three remaining men might have reacted to Hannah being so distraught over Luke’s presence. This was after Hannah B adamantly sent him home during their fantasy suite date.

Chris Harrison explains his thoughts on The Bachelorette

Chris Harrison explained to Entertainment Tonight, “When the other guys walked up, I thought maybe [someone will throw a punch] because I know they had just had enough. And when they realized that he had been kicked off and he just kind of bamboozled them all and slid into that rose ceremony, they were pissed…They’d had enough, and I thought, ‘OK’… And they’re big dudes!” he added. “Tyler, especially, is a massive man. I don’t know if you guys have seen him with his shirt off, but he’s a big dude.”

From the beginning, Tyler C., as well as the other men in the house, weren’t a fan of Luke P. throughout the season. Tyler was constantly urging Luke to “stay in his own lane.” Even with all the unnecessary antics Luke pulled and the time he took away from the process for everyone else, Tyler doesn’t believe his fellow castmate deserved all of the backlash and bullying during Men Tell All. Always the gentleman, Tyler C. took to Twitter to come to Luke’s defense.

“I can’t help but have respect for anybody who goes on this show and puts themselves out there,” Tyler wrote, adding: “Your immediately placed on the chopping block for the world to come at you. I have made a lot of jokes about Luke, myself, and other cast members on this show. they were meant to be taken light heartedly and not seriously. Luke we may not agree nor do we have the same beliefs but I wish you nothing but success and growth in your future and hope you achieve all that you want to achieve in this world. No one should be condemned forever.”

Luke responds to Tyler

Luke P. responded to Tyler C.’s kind words by retweeting his post and tweeting back, “I want nothing but the best for you to brother! I appreciate this.”

Luke P Bachelorette Tweet Response

Tyler C.’s latest tweet about Luke P. serves as an important reminder about forgiveness and growth. Yes, this also just further goes to show what a great guy he truly is. One of Tyler’s many fan’s commented, “The C. in Tyler’s name stands for Can’t Do Any Wrong.” Tyler’s Pop and rest of the Cameron family should be so proud of Tyler.

Could Tyler be finding love already?

If he and Gigi Hadid hadn’t just started following each other on Instagram, Bachelor Nation would insist that Tyler C. be named the next Bachelor immediately. But now that there may be something between him and the supermodel, no rush necessary. Besides, Tyler will make an even better Bachelor in a few years from now when he’s in his thirties if he’s still single. You also never know if he could be the one who ends up with Hannah B on The Bachelorette. Spoilers aren’t always right.

Mike Johnson, another stronger contender for being named Season 24’s next Bachelor, did upset many viewers with the negative comments he made to Luke P. being “a narcissistic, cantankerous misogynist.” There is still a lot of talk about who could end up being cast in this role.

Are you on Tyler or Mike’s side when it comes to Luke P? Did the Men Tell All take it too far or did Luke have it coming to him? Who do you want to see be named the next Bachelor?

Don’t miss the finale of The Bachelorette next Monday and Tuesday night on ABC.

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