‘The Bachelorette’ 2019: ‘Men Tell All’ Looks Like Bachelor Audition, Luke P Show

Hannah B Bachelorette

As Bachelorette, Hannah Beast broke all the rules (and then some) and had the most talked-about season of The Bachelor franchise to-date.

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All seems like Bachelor audition

The first hour and 10 minutes was filled with more of the Luke P drama. After finally finishing roasting Luke P at 9:10 pm EST, Mike was called up on the hot seat on The Men Tell All episode. With his million-watt smile, charisma, charm and sharp three-piece black suit and tie, it certainly felt as if this was Mike’s audition to be the next Bachelor.

Bachelor Nation will have to continue to wait to find out if Mike was successful with tonight’s unofficial casting call. Mike shared with the crowd that he’s “really appreciative” and while it was mentioned that “Hannah crushed him,” that seemed to be downplayed. Hannah, Mike and even Chris Harrison appear to have a lot of genuine respect and admiration for one another.

Hannah seemed to give her endorsement for Mike to be The Bachelor. Here’s hoping Mike finds his fourth Queen, with or without the show. The fact that he’s 31 years old, African American and here for the right reasons are all positives for him becoming Season 24’s Bachelor. He might be just what the franchise needs after the past few seasons with Arie, Colton, Becca and Hannah.

John Paul Jones got his chance to talk

John Paul Jones was the only other male from the house who was called up on stage to speak with Chris Harrison. He had chicken nuggets being tossed out to the crowd and his hair being snipped by a lady in the audience. This segment seemed to provide the comic relief. This was something tonight’s episode definitely needed. It was also announced that JP Jone’s “speedo will be traveling south of the border.” He’s one of the contestants looking for love on Bachelor in Paradise. It airs in two weeks from tonight, premiering on Monday, August 5th. New episodes will air every Monday and Tuesday night.

Fans share their thoughts

This episode of The Men Tell All was a dramatic departure from previous seasons. Comments on social media from fans about MTA included:

  • I can’t watch this
  • It’s the craziest reality discussion ever
  • Worse tell all ever
  • Painful to watch Luke and all his long pauses to think before he answered a question
  • Too much about Luke
  • Very few guys spoke
  • They told us nothing tonight
  • Did they really think we want to hear this?”

Others commented on how they had forgotten all about most of these guys. Many were disappointed that the other pilot who never made it past the premiere episode didn’t come back for MTA. Because he left so early, they must have not invited him back.


Luke P was the only guy still declaring his love for Hannah and struggling for clarity and/or closure. He admitted that while he loves Hannah, he recognizes that “she is not his person.” Because of this, maybe he will finally move on.

Instead of asking why Hannah chose Luke over him on their three-on-one date, Garrett apologized and explained how watching it back, he understood what was going on between Luke and the Bachelorette.

What did you think of The Men Tell All? How are you feeling as we are one week out from the last episode of the season and After the Final Rose? Will you be tuning in for Bachelor in Paradise and which contestants are you excited to see there? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Make sure you don’t miss the two-part finale of The Bachelorette next Monday and Tuesday night on ABC. After that, it will be time for Bachelor in Paradise. 

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