‘Love Island’ News: Brett Robinson Teases Joining the Show

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Love Island is constantly bringing on new guys to meet the girls on the show. Winston Hines recently joined the show. Now, his bromance partner from Big Brother is teasing that he could be on the show as well. The fans would love to see these two back together.

Brett teases Love Island

Brett has been all over his Instagram teasing that he might be joining the show. It started out with him making it sound like he was excited for Winston. Then after that, he started to make it sound like he would be on the show.  Winston has already joined without him, but he hasn’t found true love just yet.


Then Brett and Winston did a tour of the Love Island villa. They were enjoying their time together, but Brett never admitted to going on the show. A few days ago he posted about how everyone should watch Winston on the show.

What is Brett up to now?

The last couple of days Brett has posted on his Instagram, but it is the type of posts that someone else could be doing for him. One of them was a sponsored post and then another one showed him from a model shoot.

So could Brett be showing up on Love Island? Nobody really knows for sure. More people joined the show tonight, but none of them were Brett Robinson. He could still show up and if he is not posting it could be because he is about to go on the show. You never know what will happen next. It has also been a few days since he posted on his Twitter.

What do you think of the idea of Brett Robinson joining Love Island? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Do not miss new episodes of Love Island weekdays. Maybe Brett will end up being one of the next guys to arrive. Only time will tell.

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