Lisa Vanderpump Looks Happy And Relaxed In Vegas During Ken Todd’s Birthday Week

Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump seems determined to put the unpleasantness of RHOBH‘s last season behind her. While her fans tend to remain aggressive towards the cast and Andy Cohen, she’s moving on. In fact, these past few days, she spent a good time with friends and family at home. Plus, she celebrated her beloved Ken Todd’s birthday week. Now in a short clip showing her at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesar’s palace, she looks refreshed, happy and proud. It’s something her fans love to see.

Lisa Vanderpump looked way too stressed, Ken Todd stood by her

During this season of RHOBH, everyone now knows that most of the cast relentlessly hounded her about ‘Puppy Gate.’ Coming on the heels of the death of her brother Mark, Lisa seemed unable to cope with the vitriol and hate. In fact, TV Shows Ace reported that many team Lisa fans could not bear to watch. We reported back then that “Thanks to Lisa encouraging her fans to keep watching as they “will see,” made some think that Lisa may draw an ace out of her sleeve. Perhaps vindication comes in the end, or so fans hope. Mind you, as some fans noted, the extreme cattiness by the majority of the women in the cast put them off the show.”

Well, the vindication never came, despite Lisa taking a lie-detector test. Right in the Reunion, the hate and cattiness persist. Well, Lisa’s out of RHOBH, but luckily for her, Ken Todd stood by her. He helped to toss Kyle Richards out the house in the now-iconic “Goodbye Kyle” scene. Plus, he told PK he was no friend if he believed his wife could lie. For Lisa, Todd’s special, and perhaps his full-on support is helping her settle a bit now. Todd also went to the UK with her recently, after Lisa’s mom passed away suddenly.  During all that, Lisa looked uncharacteristically stressed.

Birthday week for Ken Todd, a man who stands by Lisa

Fans of Lisa love it that Ken Todd stands by his wife. In fact, US Weekly reported that on his birthday, he slammed the cast for all their negativity. Over on Twitter, when his birthday came around this weekend, many of them praised him. Here’s what a few people said to Lisa Vanderpump’s husband:

  • @mas**: “Happy birthday Ken!!! Love how you stand up for your wife your queen!!! Your a awesome husband.”
  • @car**: “Happy Birthday Ken, Always got your wife’s back like a good Englishman 👑 Hope you have a good day with your loved ones.”
  • @ann**: “Happy Birthday to the man who sets the bar for all husbands.”
  • @lau**: “Happy birthday Ken…I love how you always have your Queens back.”
  • @jan**: “Happy Birthday Ken. Thanks for being so supportive to the amazing lady you love. I wish you the very best in up coming yr. Healthy Happy, less drama. Be happy , I didn’t have a wonderful man to help me heal from my grief. Your both lucky to have each other! Many more wonderful yrs.

Lisa Vanderpump relaxed and polished in Las Vegas

On Sunday night, Lisa posted up a short vid on her Instagram. It showed her walking into Ceasar’s Palace with her little doggie. That’s the Lisa we remember: poised, beautiful, and graceful. Certainly, she looked a lot less stressed and much happier. There’s something in her demeanor that shouts – “moving forward.” Good for her. She does not need to live in the past in an awful situation on RHOBH anymore. New things are on the cards, and die-hard fans will definitely try and stand by her side as well.

What do you think about Lisa Vanderpump moving on from the unpleasant stress of the RHOBH season? Do you think Ken Todd standing by her is a wonderful sign that she’s well-loved? Certainly, she seems determined to move on and take the positives in her life. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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