‘Counting On’: Felicity Vuolo’s Totally Into Her Birthday Cupcake And ‘Happy Birthday’ Song (Video)

Counting On Felicity Vuolo

Counting On fans grew accustomed to Felicity Vuolo’s happy little face. But, it seems the first birthday for the little girl enthralled her. She seems totally into the birthday cupcake with one candle on it. Plus she loved the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. Smiling and giggling, she looked around at the people in the gathering with huge delight. She celebrated her birthday on Friday.

Counting On birthdays this week

Felicity’s not the only Duggar who celebrated a birthday this week. Jim Bob Duggar turned 54 on July 18. Jinger gave birth to Felicity on On July 19, 2018, at 4:37 am. So, it’s been a birthday week. Earlier this week, Jinger shared photos of Felicity with Jeremy’s parents who visited for “birthday week.” On that Instagram post, Jinger wrote, “Grandma & Grandpa in town for Birthday Week!”

On her actual birthday, Counting On star Jinger posted another photo. It showed Felicity sitting on the sofa with a cute”birthday bunny” gifted to her by Anna Duggar. Felicity looks delighted with the bunny. Somehow, this child just radiates joy in the photos of her. She may be too young to understand what’s going on, but she seems joyful enough!


Felicity loves her cupcake and song

Jeremy Vuolo, Felicity’s dad, posted up more about the birthday on his Twitter. Thankfully, for Counting On fans, he showed us a video. It’s the cutest thing ever. That’s because they made a special tiny cupcake for her. It’s just big enough for one candle on it. Jinger’s holding Felicity who’s dressed in a blue outfit, with a giant bow on her head. Little girl blue certainly didn’t look blue though. She laughed and giggled through the whole ceremony.

Jeremy captioned his post with, “Felicity is a big fan of the whole “Birthday cupcake + singing” deal.” She certainly was. We see Jeremy light the pink candle on the white cupcake, before he says, “here we go.” Everyone starts singing, and instantly, Felicity’s face lights up in a big smile. When Jeremy holds up the candle nearer to her, she waves at it! Jinger ended up blowing out the candle for her daughter. But she clearly loved the whole event.

Hopefully, TLC will share her birthday on Counting On

While we only saw a snippet of the birthday for Felicity, hopefully, TLC shares more of it in the next season of the show. We know that the production crew followed the Vuolo’s relocation to Los Angeles. Maybe they stuck around for the birthday party, as well

What did you think of the video of Felicity Vuolo getting totally into the birthday cupcake and “Happy Birthday” song?” Did you think it’s the cutest vid ever? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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