Duggar: Jill Dillard Won’t Be Pregnant This Year

Jill Duggar Dillard Instagram

On Thursday, Jill Duggar Dillard went live on Instagram. During the live video, Jill is showing fans what she is cooking for dinner. In this video, Derick is recording the video while Jill cooks. Instagram Live videos are only available to be replayed for 24 hours. In the video, they mention that they aren’t at their house. They don’t share where they are, which is likely for safety reasons.


In the live chat, several of her followers began asking if she was pregnant. Some of them said she looks pregnant. Then, Derick asks her if she’s pregnant. In response, Jill looks offended and says, “No”.

Then, Derick says, “Jill’s not pregnant. We’re not gonna be pregnant this year.” Then, Jill laughs and asks, “How do you know?” Derick responds and says, “Well, I don’t know, but, I mean, there’s not anything you’re not telling me, is there?” Then, Jill says, “We aren’t gonna have a baby or we’re not gonna get pregnant?”

Derick says, “We’re definitely not having a baby this year. That’s biologically, pretty close to impossible.” Then, he continued, “If Jill was pregnant, she would not be allowing me to eat this tonight.”

In the chat, a fan asked how many kids they want. Derick answered, saying that they want “at least 2”.

For a while now, fans have been speculating whether Jill and Derick will have more kids. Also, fans have been wanting to know when the two will expand their family. It doesn’t seem likely that Jill will get pregnant this year, based on what Derick said in the video. Fans are always wondering which of the Duggar women will be the next to have a baby. At least fans know now that Jill isn’t expecting.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard’s family

Jill and Derick got married on June 21, 2014. Currently, Jill and Derick have two kids together. Israel is four years old and Samuel is two years old.


The family also recently moved into a new home in Lowell, Arkansas. They moved in almost three months ago. Last week, Jill filmed a video tour of their new house. She was going to wait to film the video until the house was fully decorated, but she thought it would take too long with the boys at home. Her followers seemed to appreciate the more honest home tour.

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The rest of the Duggar family will be on TLC’s Counting On when it returns this fall. Stay tuned for updates!

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