Duggar: Amy, Dillon King’s Babymoon Before Baby’s Birth

Amy Duggar King Instagram

On social media, Amy Duggar King has been sharing all about her babymoon plans. Babymoons are becoming more and more popular. A babymoon is a trip that a couple takes shortly before their baby is born. It’s their last vacation before becoming parents and it’s a good chance for new parents to get some alone time.

On Instagram, Amy is sharing photos from her babymoon with husband Dillon King. On Monday, Amy shared a couple of posts. The first one was her announcing that their babymoon was beginning. Then, she shared another picture once she and Dillon arrived at the beach. She shared a funny picture of Dillon with her baby bump.


Earlier this week, on his own Instagram account, Dillon posted a picture of himself and Amy. He wrote about the babymoon too. He wrote, “I was born in the millennial generation where ‘Baby Moons’ were invented. So here we go. FL here we come! Babe. I can’t wait to see you rock a bikini.” In one of Amy’s posts, her location showed that she is on 30A, which is a beach town area in Florida.

So far, it seems like Amy and Dillon are enjoying their relaxing vacation before becoming parents. It’s likely that they will continue to update their followers throughout the week. As of right now, they haven’t said what else they plan to do on this trip. For now, they look like they’re lounging on the beach.

Amy Duggar King’s pregnancy

On Easter Sunday, Dillon and Amy shared a photo on Instagram and said that they are expecting their first child. They got married in September 2015. Shortly after the pregnancy announcement, they shared that their baby is a boy. He should arrive in October.

On social media, Amy has been open with her fans about her pregnancy. She shares regular updates with her followers. She keeps things real and honest on Instagram.


This has not been an easy time for the Duggar family. Grandma Mary Duggar recently passed away suddenly. Shortly after her death, Joy and Austin Forsyth lost their baby 20 weeks into Joy’s pregnancy. Through these hard times, Amy has been finding joy in her pregnancy and is very excited to welcome her son into the world.

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