‘Big Brother’ 21: Bella Admits to Being In a Relationship Back Home

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Big Brother 21 fans are watching Bella in her own little showmance. Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang started out cuddling the second that the season started. At the time, it was revealed she lived with a man back home, but all of the details weren’t out. She tried to make it sound like it was casual at first.

Bella of Big Brother 21 reveals boyfriend

Bella is now revealing her relationship that she left behind when she joined the Big Brother 21 game. The thing is it doesn’t sound like she broke up with this person before she left. Big Brother Daily shared about what she said on the live feeds on their Twitter account.

The way that Bella is explaining it is that the person thought they were together. That is a bit confusing seeing that if she was living there it obviously looked like they were together. At first, she played it off like she just had a roommate who happened to be male. Now, she is making it sound like so much more. This guy can’t be thrilled if he is watching the show.

Bella tells Nick she still likes him

It looks like Bella has plans to keep this thing with Nick going as long as he wants to. Whoever this guy at home is, it can’t be easy on him watching this all go down. Earlier today, she told Nick her feelings. Check it out below.


The thing is Nick is into Analyse. It is going to be interesting to see how all this all plays out in the end. Bella may have just messed up a good thing at home for a showmance that is going nowhere. Analyse actually wants him to pull back from Bella and thinks it could help Nick’s game in the Big Brother 21 house.


The reality is Bella wants Nick to stop flirting with someone else, but she didn’t break up with her boyfriend before leaving for the show. That puts her in a bad situation plus has to make Nick think twice about everything. Things are really heating up in the Big Brother 21 house.

Are you shocked to hear that Bella has someone at home? Do you feel like she should have mentioned this sooner? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother 21 on CBS.

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