‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Alum Jade Roper Tears Into Fans Claiming Her Daughter Looks ‘Autistic’

Bachelor in Paradise: Jade Roper

Bachelor in Paradise fans will recall alum Jade Roper Tolbert. Jade and Tanner Tolbert are also featured on What Now? Those who follow her social media know she’s expecting a baby boy. The couple already has a daughter, Emerson and followers are not shy to speak up about her. Now, she tore back at some of them who said her daughter looks like she’s got “autism.”

Bachelor in Paradise mom, Jade Roper shares pics of her daughter

Jade’s been posting photos of her and her daughter as she goes along with her pregnancy. One came out a few days back that showed her and “Emmy” lying on a bed. She captioned it with, “Had a midwife appointment yesterday and they said baby boy is sitting really low like I’ve been feeling! It’s crazy to think Emmy was born only 4 more days from where I am today with this pregnancy.”

She added that it’s an emotional time for her. She noted, “my hormones and emotions have been insanely high and I’ve been having lucid labor/birth dreams every night. Also, it’s truly amazing how our internal instincts kick in, all I feel like doing is nesting into our home, cuddling and focusing on this baby coming. I feel such an inward shift in my thinking and a deeper connection to my body and to the baby. Loving extra on this girl lately, too, before everything changes. ❤️”

Fans and supporter agree with Jade tearing into critics about ‘autism’

On the post about her “loving extra on this girl,” one Bachelor in Paradise fan responded kindly. They wrote, “I just saw in your story about the horribly mean DM’s you got about your beautiful little girl’s vocabulary. Both of my sons are so super quiet & shy when we’re out in public, and rarely say a word, but at home, they never stop talking.” They added that as a mom she knows her “kids best.”

The story she referred to involved a message saying Emmy’s “kind of showing signs of autism.” Well, Jade hit right back at that, writing, “You all, these are NOT okay messages to send people. If you all mean well, it’s still not OK to say she has autism or needs speech therapy or to comment any sort of thing like that to anyone about their child. We are her parents, we have a great pediatrician, and we know her development. Comments like this really throw me for a loop.”


The Internet’s a hurtful place for celebrities

Celebrities often complain of “keyboard warriors” who say the most ghastly things. Actually, many Bachelor in Paradise followers feel people on TV should just get used to trolling. They believe if celebs are on social media, then they deserve everything they get.

Well, aside from what we see on TV, these people also have lives off-screen. How would you like these sorts of comments in your inbox? What do you think about Jade Roper tearing into people who talk about “autism” and her daughter? Do you support her anger at this type of thing? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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