Are Vanderpump Rules Couple Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Actually Married?

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A shocking reveal on the podcast Reality Bytes had everyone shaking their heads about two Vanderpump Rules stars. Well known former N’Sync singer Lance Bass said that Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney were not married.

Lance married another Vanderpump Rules couple as officiate. That couple, Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor, married in June. He said on the podcast, “they just found out Tom and Katie weren’t married because they didn’t send in their materials correctly.”

After being married since 2016 this couldn’t have been something the couple wanted to hear. They were married with Lisa Vanderpump officiating and just bought their first house.

What Do The Stars Of Vanderpump Rules Think Of Lance’s Comments?

An article on the Inquisitr said the couple is confused as to what the boy band alum is talking about. The fact that someone agreed with Lance and called the move a “total Schwartz,” indicates they think it was Tom’s fault. When listening though, it’s not clear if it’s the host, Rob Evors or the other guest Brett Gursky.

An insider close to the couple says, “they’re very confused about the statement.” He goes on to say Tom is by the book so he would make sure to have the paperwork done properly. Here is what the insider revealed:

“Tom is very by the books with everything he does. He is very on it about everything. He and Katie consider themselves happily married and are surprised by this. If he’s not legally married, he’d be as surprised as everyone else as they made sure their paperwork was all there.”

What Did Lance Bass Actually Say On The Podcast?

Rob Evors hosts Reality Bytes and is an actor known for The Romanoffs and Project X according to IMBD. Lance Bass guest starred on the podcast with Jamie Lynn Sigler talking about Big Brother. The topic of conversation started with a different Vanderpump Rules wedding.

He said at Brittany and Jax’s wedding they were at the reception and then Jax said, “oh should we sign the marriage license?”

Lance went on to say he thinks he put the wrong church on the license and it might be legit. That part of the conversation appeared to be a joke because then he said an N’Sync song came on and he looked like an a** dancing to his own song.

That’s when he dropped the bombshell that Tom and Katie’s marriage wasn’t legit. When Jamie-Lynn asked if that would be a storyline for this season, he said yeah it was possible. He sounded serious when he said it with no sign he wasn’t telling the truth.

It will be interesting to see what Lance says about the comment and why he would say it if it wasn’t true. So far, fans are waiting to hear from Tom and Katie.

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