‘Counting On’: The Duggar’s Massive Home For Sale Features A Large Gun Collection

Counting On

Counting On fans know that recently, the Duggars listed a massive home for sale in Springdale, Arkansas. At the time they were asking nearly two million dollars for it. Over on Realtor.com new photos show lovely interior and exterior shots of the Duggar’s property listed with them. It seems it features a large gun collection. Whether the guns sit merely for display purposes, or go with the sale, is not known.

Counting On‘s Jim Bob and the kids flip homes

Jim Bob Duggar and others in the family buy homes, renovate and then flip them. Jana gets involved as well, and she recently helped to renovate her parents place while they were away. TV Shows Ace reported, “Quite often you see them all working on renovating homes that get flipped. In fact, way back in the early days of their TV shows, we saw the littlest kids helping to build their own home.”

Even Jessa Duggar Seewald’s into renovating, and she shared about it to Counting On fans. We reported that she said of her home project, “by selling some things, we weren’t out a penny and actually made some cash!” She sold a few items on Facebook Marketplace and was able to make some money on those. Jessa noted that on a post back in March. So, it all runs in the family, and why not?


Duggar Massive home for sale with gun display

The massive Duggar home on Realtor.com has it’s own private movie theatre and a spiral staircase. The 10,000-square foot property also comes with sprawling gardens that cover the 2.73 acres. The website explains it has “Original Vermont slate tile flooring, 3500 sqft heated and cooled garage, walnut tongue, and groove ceilings, black walnut gentleman’s closet, original walnut doors, four kitchens that have been completely remodeled.”

So, it seems the home would suit a large family like the Counting On family. It would need to be a big family to require four kitchens and so many other features. But, it seems odd to display racks of guns. There’s enough on the walls to hold off plenty of enemies. In the picture, we can only see part of the mini-armory, and eight guns displayed. However, maybe more guns lurk around the corner.

Counting On :Duggar home
Image credit – Realtor .com

How many guns are enough? Fans react

Over on Facebook’s Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and Hairspray, followers of Counting On commented on the guns. Here’s what some of them said:

  • @Ste**: “What my dad taught me about guns is do not tell people.”
  • @Lyn**: “I respect the right of Americans to have guns because it’s a complex issue. However, why do folks have so many? It’s so odd to me. One or even two is surely enough to protect yourself and/or hunt.”
  • @Kat**: “I get being trained in gun safety and owning a sidearm or rifle in rural areas, for camping, on the road, etc but not an arsenal especially with children. Also, as other posters have stated there are other houses with a warmer look and flow, the luxe finishes with guest quarters, a pool and full outdoor living room for $1m.”

What are your feelings on this massive Duggar house with a large gun collection? Do you think it’s necessary to have so many guns? Would you build an armory in your home? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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