‘Sister Wives’: Mariah Brown Dishes Positives On Living With A Body You Hate

Sister Wives Mariah Brown

Sister Wives fans know that Mariah Brown’s not that confident in her body. That’s because she mentioned it on her Instagram in the past. But, Mariah shares her experiences so others can learn from her. So, it’s not all negativity. Now, Mariah dished some positive ideas on living with a body you hate.

Sister Wives followers understand living in a body that’s not perfect

These days, more people understand that it’s the beauty within that matters. However, how many of us can’t bear to look in the mirror? How many of us would love to play around in the pool but hate the way we look? It’s a horrid feeling, always feeling self-conscious. Now Mariah reached out to her fans with an idea about our perceptions.

Mariah often reaches out to Sister Wives fans. For example, back in January, she invited people to interact on what they are proud of being or achieving. TV Shows Ace noted that “followers…shared a multitude of things they felt proud about. These ranged from their strength of character, through confronting mental health issues, to completing education and recovering from life-altering surgery. Meanwhile, quite a few people mentioned their weight loss.”

Mariah Brown spent too long with hate for her body

Mariah posted up on Instagram Wednesday, and she looked very attractive at Chicago Lakefront. In her swimwear, smiling, there’s not a lot to hate from an observer’s point of view. However, Mariah obviously feels self-conscious. She explained to Sister Wives fans, “I’ve spent too long hating this body that carries me. I’ve spent too long not treating it with love, not honoring the beauty and the imperfection that it is. ”

Mariah’s taking a different perspective now. She added, “I’m choosing a new path, one that lights me up — that powers and empowers me. I’m choosing to honor the arms that get to hug my loved ones, to honor the stomach that belly laughs at the most ridiculous jokes, to honor the legs that take me on walks & hikes & runs & that hold me strong in my warrior pose. I’m choosing to honor this home that I get to live in, that I get to love in, that gets to ride the waves of life & creation & growth. ”


Loving and honoring are separate things says, Mariah

Mariah says that she makes a “distinction here between loving and honoring — I don’t know how to love myself and my body all of the time.” But, like all of us, she’s “human.” She adds that she’s “human and flawed” and sometimes cannot feel anything but sadness for the sore feet or plump bits. ” Mariah’s correct when she says “sometimes loving myself isn’t easy. Sometimes I don’t love my body.” Mariah feels just like thousands of Sister Wives followers. But she has an idea to cope with that.

Mariah Brown suggests that instead of trying to “love  our body,” maybe it would be better to “honor it.” An example she gave is feeling grateful for her feet, even if they “hurt because they took long walks with dogs, and they helped a friend find something, and they helped me teach my students in yoga.”

Sister Wives followers could think of the body as a home

Mariah explains that maybe other people would feel better about their body if they think of it as “a home.” That way we accept that for now, we live within our home that’s “perfect for us in the time that we have it.” Perhaps being aware out body home contains our soul will make us appreciate it a lot more.

What do you think of Mariah’s words? Do you have self-image issues? Do you think Mariah Brown shared some every wise words? Sounds off your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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