‘Married at First Sight’: Honeymooning Gets Hard on the High Seas

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Last week on Married at First Sight, the four matched couples were captivated by each other and their arrival in beautiful Antigua.  It is understandable how strangers swept up in the fulfillment of their wedding dreams could feel invincible amidst the seas and sunsets of the island.

Elizabeth and Jamie both demonstrated understanding and maturity in working through their first marital conflict over a miscommunication about lunch.  In the Married at First Sight Unfiltered preview, Elizabeth elaborated that “you have to pick your battles.” She decided to keep her marriage more central than her tender feelings.

The new bride also got some scrutiny over choosing to be completely unclothed in her romantic bathtub scenes with her husband, with cameras rolling.  Elizabeth made no apologies, Married at First Sight fans already know that she is completely at ease with her body and speaking her mind.

Life on the water does not sit well with Elizabeth, and the July 10 sail to a private beach brings gets rough for all the couples.  As the honeymoons draw to a close, Amber and Matt, Iris and Keith, Greg and Deonna, and Elizabeth and Jamie start to contemplate their real lives together in Charlotte.  The truth sometimes hurts, but it still has to come out.

Keith and Iris contend with the lost ring on Married at First Sight

Keith and Iris have not yet consummated their marriage and Keith is maintaining his pledge of patience for his virgin bride.  The pair does have demonstrable chemistry during their honeymoon adventures and they are practicing proactive communication about problem issues before they become bigger.

When they set off on a trail hike on the private beach, Keith teases his wife with sounds and feels of wilderness insects and creatures, pretending to bite her.   Once they are back on the beach, the playfulness continues, but Keith’s wedding ring slips off into the sand.

Iris loses it, seemed to equate a simple problem that could happen to anyone as evidence of not taking their marriage seriously.  The other couples aid in the search through the sand.  Keith finds his wedding band and describes that this will be a story to tell their children and friends through their years.  Iris repeats “five days– he loses his ring in five days,” still making the mistake too personal.

Considering that 90 Day Fiancé has couples flushing wedding rings down toilets, this issue is minor.

The two discuss how they will face living together in Charlotte and seem to keep their positive expectations.   As expected, Iris has never lived with a man, and next week’s previews give a glimpse of her displeasure with finding an empty box of condoms.

Amber and Matt vexed by vocational truths

The Married at First Sight fan base is brimming with support for Amber and Matt.  Amber has made it clear that she is in this relationship for the duration, and Matt related how her “kind soul” truly mattered to him.

The couple went snorkeling and Matt was totally tender and supportive. Amber was in the throes of seasickness on the catamaran to the private island.   During putt-putt golf with the boys, however, Matt confessed that he was considering another contract to play international basketball. This is only if his mobile auto detailing venture didn’t work out in Charlotte.

For the man who knows how lonely his traveling life has left him, it’s surprising that returning to that vocational option returns so quickly.   He tells Amber about contemplating playing again over what was to be a romantic dinner.  The tone changes completely.  Amber tells him that this choice would be “a dealbreaker” and maintaining a marriage long-distance would be “quite a trial.”

At the same time, she assures Matt that she is patient and willing to support him while he starts his new business.  She describes that her income will be “plenty” for their family.  Later, she relates that Matt felt insulted by her comments, seeming to feel as though he was called “a broke.”

It was heartbreaking to see these two who usually can’t be an inch apart clinging to separate sides of the bed.  Matt reached out, and he and his wife communicated from the heart.   “You married someone who wants to give,” Amber reminded him. She went on to say how she never meant to disparage Matt in any way, and he expressed appreciation for the person she is.   Matt tries to keep things tidy behind emotional walls, but the truth is always better shared, even with tears.

Amber has lingering fears of abandonment from her childhood needs the honest assurance of her husband.  Already, she knows falling in love with him is very near.

‘Married at First Sight’ splashes up maritime woes for Elizabeth and Jamie

Elizabeth’s monthly caller bid farewell and she and Jamie didn’t waste time in tasting the physical delights of marriage.  As time passes, these two seem more and more compatible with important issues.  They both agree on children, saying “nay” to an expanded family.   They have shown that they are working on communication and seeing things from a partner’s perspective.  One of the sweetest aspects of their union is how each one delights in simple gestures.

Both Jamie and Elizabeth have professed “I love you,” to each other.

When Jamie brings pizza and beer to their room, Elizabeth rejoices in appreciation.  She couldn’t have been happier if it was a diamond ring. When the two share a hammock on the private island, Jamie relates that “I’m not longing for anything more,” than to be with his wife like that.  Elizabeth agrees that she needs a husband like Jamie to control her “diva” side.  Inside, Jamie is very sensitive and needs a wife who is very reciprocal. These two are really connecting.

Even before taking the catamaran, Elizabeth is predicting disaster and Jamie is worried.   Sure enough, the seas are extremely “choppy,” and her anxiety and motion sickness go into complete overdrive.   When Jamie tries to soothe her, a stream of four-letter words follows.  No husband wants to get that reception, but Jamie tries to make light of it.

Unfortunately, the ride back to their honeymoon bungalows is even more turbulent.  Elizabeth rushes off the boat, exclaiming “Don’t touch me!” to her husband. Her emotions will take a bit to get used to.

Jamie seems to be getting more and more proficient at riding “Beth’s” emotional extremes.  By the next morning, the two were cuddly over coffee and thinking about life in Charlotte.

Deonna and Greg probe faith and the past

The adventuresome Deonna loved the wild catamaran ride and she and Greg loved wearing their color-coordinated ensembles.  Greg was especially happy to see his wife in a bathing suit. He was also glad to be partly hidden by the waves on the private beach.

Before their adventure, the couple share perspectives on their faith.  Greg actively serves in church on the parking ministry, while Deonna attends services but has not found a church home.  She and Greg agree that they should be united in a worship choice, and Greg is continuing to work on limiting his compliments to his bride.   Gotta give him A+ for effort.   Jamie Otis sent the word out to Deonna that “you got a good one.”

During their romantic big dinner, Deonna is very impressed that Greg already owns a four bedroom home.  Greg teases that it doesn’t mean he will allow his wife to have a separate bedroom.   She is willing to let her townhome go and asks if Greg has ever lived with someone.  “An ex-fiancée,” he responds.

Every Married at First Sight fan could see the wheels in Deonna’s mind go into overdrive.  She asked him to explain further.  Despite dreading this conversation at the moment, Greg is honest. He called his former engagement “toxic” and admitted his own insecurities and controlling issues.  The past two years of being single have brought him a deeper perspective.

Deonna was receptive to the honesty, and realizes “everybody has a past.”  The evening ended on a positive note, and hopefully, there is room for this couple to draw closer with time.

Reality sets in next week when the couples come home to Charlotte.  Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays on Lifetime.

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