‘Big Brother’ 21 Showmances Heat Up In the House

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Things are getting dramatic and romantic in the Big Brother 21 house. Castmates have been swapping partners like it’s Love Island, and we’ve got the scoop on who’s hooking up with whom.

Katherine and Jackson (Michie) didn’t last on Big Brother

In the house, Jackson and Kat were hot and heavy. This didn’t last as long as everyone expected though.

However, the last episode the world watched as Jackson broke up with Kat. Jackson cited Kat’s paranoia and the impact of their relationship on his game as reasons for the split. But live feed watchers know the real reason Jackson called it quits with Kat, and it’s because of fellow cast mate, Holly.

While Jackson showmanced with Kat, live feed viewers noticed that a love triangle formed between Kat, Jackson, and Holly. Because things heated up with Holly, Jackson dumped Kat.

To her credit, Holly spoke to Kat about her ending relationship with Jackson. Kat gave her blessing for Holly to pursue things with Jackson.

Jackson and Holly are now a couple, but occasionally talk smack about Kat behind her back. So a new showmance is in the Big Brother 21 house.

Jack and Analyse/ Nick and Bella heat it up on Big Brother

Jack and Analyse hooked up for the first time a few days ago in the HOH room. The two have hooked up since in the HOH shower.

Analyse dished to the girls about the encounter after the fact, leaving little doubt as to what went down between them. They are getting pretty frisky in the Big Brother 21 house.

When Jack shared what happened with Nick (who had appeared interested in Analyse in the past) Nick shared that he and Bella had a similar experience the same night.

Nick and Bella made little secret about their romance after the fact.

The word about Analyse and Jack spread throughout the house, mostly due to rumors perpetuated by Christie. However, Nick ended up taking the fall for the gossip, and speculation arose that Nick talked smack about the couple due to his crush on Analyse.

As a result, Jack spoke with Analyse, stating that they needed to take a step back in their relationship. Many would assume that Jack tried to minimize their target as a couple in the house. Jack had an ulterior motive for cooling things down with Analyse.

Jack and Christie

When Jack entered his HOH room, he was upset to find that his ex-girlfriend had not written him a letter. According to Jack, his ex is “his rock” outside of the house and the two remain close. Fans noticed that the ex in question looks remarkably similar to Christie.

Quickly, Jack’s relationship with Christie heated up. Jack revealed that he would break up with Analyse for the chance to be with Christie. On the other hand, Christie is a lesbian and claims to have little interest in Jack. Nonetheless, she helped him plan on how to break up with the unknowing Analyse.

After a while, Analyse noticed Christie and Jack’s closeness, confronting her about it in the bathroom. As they spoke, Analyse revealed that Jack’s behavior toward her makes her feel “used” and “like an idiot”. Christie reassured Analyse that she has no interest in Jack.

While Jack was plotting to end things with Analyse, he continued to express his affection.

Jack broke up with Analyse yesterday.

Nick Shoots His Shot

Post break up, Nick has openly flirted with Analyse in front of Bella. Fans jumped on the newly emerging love triangle.

Others in the house also picked up on Nick’s crush.

Time will tell if there will be yet another partner swap in the house. It is kind of hard to keep up with all of the showmances going on right now on Big Brother 21.

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