‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2019 Spoilers: Reality Steve Shares News Of Three Engagements

Chris Bukowski Instagram Bachelor in Paradise

Reality Steve already has spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise 2019. It turns out that three couples end up engaged this season. He went to his Twitter to share the news today about who ends up getting engaged. TV Shows Ace had already shared about one engagement that Steve revealed earlier.  So far, the details about the engagements aren’t out yet.

Two new engagements announced for Bachelor in Paradise

Reality Steve shared on his Twitter today about the new engagements. It turns out that there are three this season. Here is what he had to say today.

So it looks like Chris Bukowski has finally found love. It took him several times on the show to do it, but maybe this is what he needed to do. He is engaged and didn’t get sent home right away so that counts for something. Only time will tell if it works out for him.

You will remember Dylan Barbour from this season of this The Bachelorette. He tried to find love with Hannah B, but it didn’t work out for him. Fans love Hannah G so hopefully this couple will work out.


First bisexual couple engagement on the show

Demi and her girlfriend getting engaged are the first bisexual couple for the franchise. One thing about it is that they didn’t meet on the show. They were already together. Demi joins Bachelor in Paradise and then her girlfriend joins the show. They stay together and then end up engaged.

Hopefully, these three happy couples all work out. It would be three happy endings or three heartbreaks. Only time will tell.


Are you shocked by these three engagements that happen this season? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise later this month on ABC.

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