Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth Shares Miscarriage News In Emotional Post

Austin and Joy-Anna Duggar from Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth just shared the news with fans that she had a miscarriage. This was an emotional post on the Instagram that she shares with her husband Austin. One thing about the Duggars is that they don’t hide things from fans and are very open. This is a difficult time, but they are getting a ton of support in the comments.

Joy-Anna Duggar shares the news

Joy-Anna Duggar shared the news today with fans, but her miscarriage happened a week ago. It seems like it took her a bit of healing to be ready to tell fans. The post below shows exactly what she revealed to the viewers.

As you can see, Joy is praying a lot and healing from this time. They already knew that they were having a little girl, so it has to be a bit harder being that far along in her pregnancy and losing her child. She was already halfway done with this pregnancy.

Josiah and Lauren’s miscarriage

Josiah and Lauren Duggar had a miscarriage not long ago. It was difficult for them, but they even filmed about it. They were open with fans and shared details. It is possible that Joy and Austin did the same thing. Now, Lauren and Josiah are expecting another little bundle of joy.

At this time, Joy and Austin already have one little boy. Hopefully, the couple will be blessed with many more children over the years.

Are you shocked that Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth was so open with fans about the news? Share your thoughts in the comments below. At this time, TLC hasn’t shared when another season of Counting On will air, but hopefully, it will be back soon. They just aired a special about when Jessa Seewald gave birth, so there is no reason to think that the show won’t return.

Mandy Robinson


  1. I’m Deeply Sorry For the Loss of Your Daughter. Feel what you Have to. It will take a Minute for the pain of Losing Her
    Yet God will Carry you And Austin Through this Great Loss. I know Because he helped me Through it. God bless you both

  2. i feel her loss i had 2 miscarrages one a bout 5 years ago and the other 2 years ago god blees yhou please have the faith that god will bless you wit another child

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