‘Big Brother’ 21’s Jack Matthews: Rumored Arrests, Petition for His Eviction

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Big Brother 21 contestant, Jack Matthews, made a big splash from day one, comparing himself to Aquaman, played by Jason Mamoa. Fellow contestant, Kathryn Dunn, accidentally nicknamed him “Jason Mimosa”. This nickname spread like wildfire, along with even less flattering nicknames like “Water Boy” and “Jack A**”. These nicknames are a taste of the backlash Jack Matthews can expect when he exits the house this summer. The Khal Drogo look-alike is in for a rude awakening.

Controversial Statements on Big Brother 21

The last episode of Big Brother 21, contestant Kemi Faknule, commented that Jack didn’t strike her as intelligent. This statement quickly made its way back to Jack. He did not take it well. In response, Jack made a series of increasingly heated statements toward Kemi (and another contestant Ovi Kabir). As a result, speculations that Jack’s targeting both houseguests due to inherent racial bias ran rampant among the Twitter fanbase. Fans pointed to several instances in which Jack showed problematic behavior toward the other people in the house.

First, Jack called houseguests Kemi and Jessica Milagros “maggots”.


Then, Jack stated he wanted to “stomp a mudhole through [Kemi’s] chest.”


Early on, Jack called Ovi “brown flame.”


Lastly, he spoke about flirting with plus-sized model Jessica, “just to make her feel good about herself”. Implying that a model could not possibly feel good about herself if she were not a size two.


The Gr8ful targets remain Ovi (likely eliminated this week), Kemi, and Jessica. As all of these houseguests are people of color, talk of racial bias will probably grow in the coming weeks. Ovi could have saved himself if he had been put up originally, but it is too late to use his power.

Backlash From Loved Ones

In response to Jack’s comments about Jessica, Milagros’s husband quickly clapped back on Instagram, calling Jack “Water Boy.”  The post has since been removed.

Soon after, Ovi’s girlfriend responded to Jack’s behavior in a heated video, saying “screw you, Jack… You’re not Aquaman, you’re a little Water Boy. You’re not Jason Mamoa and you’ll never be close to him.”

Ovi’s girlfriend calls out Jack
by in BigBrother

In addition, Global TV even hopped on the Jack hate with the following tweet.

A Possible Arrest Record

Recently, two mug shots that were allegedly Jack circulated on the internet. Posters claimed the arrests were for a DUI and aggravated assault prior to Jack’s stint on Big Brother. Whether producers were aware of the arrests remains to be seen, but the mention of the mug shots have mysteriously disappeared from many social media platforms. Some people say it is not him, but fans of Big Brother 21 are still talking about it.


A Petition to Eliminate Jack From the Game

Because of Jack’s behavior, fans took to change.org with a petition to evict him from the game. The petitions creator stated that she fears for Kemi’s safety with Jack in the house. As of now, the petition has nearly three thousand signatures.

Furthermore, Jack is not the only person in the house getting backlash for his behavior. Jack’s ally in Gr8ful, Christie Murphy’s clothing boutique received many negative reviews on Google Reviews for her perceived racist behavior on this season.

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  1. Please Big Brother get this person off the show..please.Their is enough ugliness outside Bb house to deal with .Then to watch a person who says and acts in such a manner.You really need to check this people out better.Remove jack..or I stop watching.

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