‘The Bachelorette’ 2019 Spoilers: Hannah B and Winner Split

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The news is out and Hannah B and her winner have already split. The Bachelorette isn’t even done airing yet, but spoilers are out. Reality Steve went to his blog today and shared the news that they are over. This is after he shared recently that the engagement was off, but the couple was still together.

Reality Steve shares The Bachelorette spoilers

It turns out that Hannah B picks Jed Wyatt in the end. The thing is these two don’t work out. There has been a lot of talk seeing that Jed had a girlfriend when he went on the show. He joined the show telling her that he would be back for her but ghosted her when he got home.


Now, Reality Steve says that The Bachelorette couple is over. Hannah B called it quits with Jed Wyatt. This was all filmed too. They have filmed splits like this in the past, so that isn’t shocking. It will air on After the Final Rose, which will be on July 30. There will actually be a new episode on July 29 and July 30.

Jed told Hannah about his ex Haley

It turns out that Jed Wyatt did tell Hannah B about Haley. This was after they were already engaged, though. She had already said yes to him before he let her in on that secret. Nobody knows how much he told her, though. Some of the information may have been revealed to Hannah when it all came out in the news. Regardless, she was obviously not happy about it all.

Will she stay single?

First off, Bachelor in Paradise is already done with filming. That means that any guy that Hannah didn’t keep could have found love on that show. There is also the chance that any of the other guys might be cast as The Bachelor. If Hannah wants to get back together with someone, it might not even be a chance now.

Are you shocked to hear that Jed and Hannah B are over? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelorette on Monday nights on ABC.

Mandy Robinson


    1. Totally agree. She knew Luke was spinning his bs early on but she is not very bright up top. I could not stand it when she was first chosen and I think ABC even lessened up the episodes because of her and that psycho Luke. He tainted the entire household. I hope ABC doesn’t continue to go downhill like this.

      1. If she was attracted to Luke how could she like any. Of the other guys? Luke acts like a wife beater to me- these rages he has now would only end up turned towards her later.

    1. I agree. If Tyler is not wanting to go backwards to Hannah…i only hope he, Mike or Peter are the next bachelor.

      1. Jed was too obvious with promoting his music – dragging that guitar out every chance he got .. should have been a clue. Shame Hannah picked the wrong one. Tyler would have been the better choice.

    2. I was definitely hoping she’d choose Tyler. I didn’t think Jed was a good choice at all. Almost as bad as choosing Luke P!

  1. It’s a very “heady’ process with all those men vi’ing for one woman, but so far I haven’t heard any real conversations, much superficial stuff & plenty of unnecessary “drama.” Something tells me that our Hannah B. is a Drama Queen & may not be the easiest to handle in a relationship. She is extraordinarily beautiful … which doesn’t make it any easier for her (or) the men I’d think. hen she knows what she wants… it will come.

  2. I really do not think she loved him….love does not give up that easy. Jed and that girl were together 4 months I hardly call that a realtionship. She has really disappointed me……..AlabamaDenise……………………Roll Tide Roll!!!!!

  3. I am not surprised. It’s about time she woke up and realized he used her, but too little too late with Jed. He might get a recording contract and a little notoriety. Maybe one of those other wonderful three: Tyler, Garrett, or Peter would be willing to be her 2nd choice. I wouldn’t but perhaps they would. The Bachelorette would’ve been better with the other beauty queen as the choice for Bachelorette. Hannah let Luke P control most of the season then saw what the other bachelors had to endure at the end. Again, too little too late. Oh well, she kind of deserved that. I feel a Garrett smirk coming on. 🙂

    1. Totally agree… the other one, what was her name, Kelly? Should have been chosen. Why they chose fat, zit-face, psycho Hannah is beyond reasonable comprehension. Who thought she would make the ultimate gal to be the new bachelorette anyway?

      1. I think it’s rude to call her fat. She is not fat at all, and people who are a little overweight will read this and be incredibly hurt.

  4. I agree Scarlet. And I liked Garret. He seemed sincere and a really great guy. She missed the mark a few times!

  5. I think she got exactly what she deserved. She allowed an evil lunatic to plague all the good men in the house and cause near-total dysfunction. She hurt a lot of truly great men who put up with Luke Parker till she sent them packing. She’s got that herpes infection going on in her face and then lapping and slopping with other men, tongues and all. I truly wish she had just chosen Luke then they could systematically destroy one another. This was by far the worst Bachelorette ever. Thanks a lot ABC, as she shouldn’t have even been chosen in the first place, the fat-face delusional heffa!

  6. Too late to read remarks now Hannah, you let the right guy go…. I’m surprised as sharp as you are you didn’t see right through this guy.. what a disappointment and what disaster for the show..,

  7. Hannah likes the bad boys and she gets just what she deserves a big fat zero. She needs to mature and get more experience. Don’t know if the beauty queen years held her back from maturity and making good decisions for her life but she missed the mark. Telling all her intimacy just shows her immaturity. Don’t think the guys would like how she handled that. She kept blaming the drama on the guys but she was the one creating the drama by keeping the losers Luke P and Jed. Turned out they were the worst choices of all. She has a bad picker. So glad Peter or Tyler did not come back and let her use them for sloppy thirds and fourths. Worst season yet. She acted like she was in junior high or high school. Not the smartest girl on the Bachelorette. Think Caitlyn may have been a better choice, no wonder they fought on Colton’s season. I think it is time to get an older group in their 30’s that have some life experience and can make some better choices. And maybe would would have a chance for a love connection!

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