‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Ashley And Dimitri Snowden to Dish On Everything You Need To Know About Polygamy

Seeking Sister Wife: Ashley and Dimitri Snowden

Seeking Sister Wife couple, Ashley and Dimitri Snowden constantly get questions on polygamy. Actually, so does the Brown family from the Sister Wives show on TLC. Obviously, many people can’t handle the idea of sharing a man, so interest’s very high. Now, the couple dishes on all those questions about polygamy.

Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 featured Ashley and Dimitri Snowden

Just to recap, if you don’t know, the couple appeared on the last season on the show. Their new sister wife, Vanessa Cobbs actually ‘married’ into the family. Everything looked good, but then she broke it off. TV Shows Ace reported that she stayed with her twin sister in Australia after that. We noted that “even though [fans] hoped Vanessa could live a long and happy life with Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, they support her decision to leave. Over on Instagram, many followers send their best wishes to Vanessa.”

Well, lots of Seeking Sister Wife fans felt that Vanessa made the right decision not to stay in the polygamous marriage. Some thought that Ashley was way too controlling. In fact, Vanessa had to stop eating meat when she was with them. (If you wonder about that, Vanessa said on her IG last week that she remained vegan). Others didn’t like Ashley’s sometimes alien-sounding spiritual life. However, almost everyone struggled to get their heads around polygamy.

Getting the dish on polygamy from the Snowdens

At last, someone who lives a polygamous lifestyle answers questions. No doubt, Seeking Sister Wife fans look forward to hearing all the details on how it works for them. Fans can find it on the Shiftgetsreal website. Ashley explained the day and time it’s coming out over on her Instagram and listed all the places you can listen and watch.

On her Instagram, Ashley said, “For the record! This Wednesday, join us on our @shiftgetsreal podcast as we set the record straight on polygamy, as well as how WE practice from our perspective. We get asked a lot of the same questions every day, many of them genuine, but a lot steeped in misguided thinking, projections, and ignorance. There’s lots we can’t cover on SSW, so if you want the real, be sure to watch the full episode! See you Wednesday!”


Fans react to the news about the polygamy podcast

Fascinated fans like the idea very much and some of them reacted on the IG post by Ashley. @carp** wrote, “I love that you are soooo intelligent and cute too now. But Ashley has a calming spirit, I want to know more about the third eye and other things. I wish you were still in Atlanta.” @eme** also got excited, writing “Can’t wait for this to drop!!! So excited! Good stuff right here.”

What do you think about Ashley And Dimitri Snowden dishing on everything you need to know about polygamy? Will you listen to the podcast? If you do, come back and tell others in the comments what you thought of it.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about Seeking Sister Wife.

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  1. How are the Snowden’s putting on a podcast for polygamy when they can’t seem to keep a 2nd wife? More like how to fail at being a sister wife. As far as spiritual, hmmm no more like controlling.

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