‘Day of Our Lives’ Spoilers Week of July 1st – Fireworks in Salem

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Days of Our Lives celebrates Independence Day with a joint Brady/Horton BBQ hosted by newlyweds Rex (Kyle Lowder) and Sarah (Lindsay Godfrey.) Sparks fly in Salem this week, but it’s not just from the fireworks.

Young Love on DOOL – J.J. and Haley Sleep Together For The First Time

J.J. (Casey Moss) was surprised last week when his love Haley (Thia Megia) unexpectedly returned to town after her deportation. The couple celebrates their reunion by making love for the first time. Does Eve (Kassie DePavia) have a plan to break the duo up – again?

Eli Proposes to Lani

Love is in the air for former lovers this week on DOOL. Now that Lani (Sal Stower) won’t be raising baby David with Rafe (Galen Gerig,) she reconciles with Eli (Lamon Archey.) The couple never fell out of love. Eli gets down on his knees and asks Lani to marry him. Will she say yes? What about Rafe?

Days of Our Lives Shocker: Hope Catches Rafe and Carrie In Bed Together

Things with Rafe and Lani were never romantic, but he finds himself in bed with another woman this week. None other than old flame Carrie (Christie Clark.) As viewers found out last month, Carrie is now a single woman. Her and Austin (last played by Patrick Muldoon) broke up.

How will Hope (Kristen Alfonso) react to her ex-husband rebounding so quickly? Christie Clark and Carrie will be around through the summer. Rumors are swirling that Rafe is the father of one of Carrie’s kids, not Austin. Stay tuned to find out if the rumors are true.

Another DOOL Surprise – Claire Injures Tripp, Takes Ciara Hostage

Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) went off the deep end last week when she caught Tripp (Lucas Adams) and Ciara (Victoria Konefal) in a compromising position. Unfortunately for Tripp and Ciara, Claire was already wise to their plan, thanks to Eve.

Claire may have confessed to her fire-starting crimes, but she hasn’t given up on revenge. She holds Tripp at knifepoint. He is injured during the melee. When he wakes up, Claire and Ciara are gone.

Claire holds Ciara hostage at the cabin. For a psycho, she’s not very original, is she?

Marlena (Diedre Hall) and Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) confront Eve about Claire’s mental state. Will Marlena, Ben or Tripp find Ciara in time? Or will Claire finally kill her aunt/nemesis?

Olivia Rose Keegan’s last airdate is confirmed to be next week. Will you miss Crazy Claire? Or good riddance?

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.

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  1. Good riddance to Claire, and I hope this brings down Eve as well. I do like a little drama, and it is very necessary for the storyline but when people like Claire, Eve, Kristin, Kate and Gabi just go on and on and get away with everything the viewer gets very tired of seeing the same every day. Give them all a taste of their own medicine. Does Gabi every do anything beside seduce Stefan. Does she every cook for her daughter or is she the best and loving mother just by dumping her off to everyone else. Gabi just loves the good life above all else, her daughter is just a prop.

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