‘Counting On’: Jinger Vuolo Ditches The Blonde Hair? No 11-Months-Old Post Of Felicity

Jinger Vuolo

Counting On fans know that Jinger Vuolo dyed her hair blonde for the summer, but it seems that was maybe shortlived. It looks like she’s ditched the blonde and gone back to dark hair. Plus, she missed the first ever monthly post for baby Felicity. Fans might be collecting them, as some of them questioned her on the missing 11-months post. However, there’s probably a good reason why she missed that one out.

Counting On, the missing post at 11 Months for Felicity

Fans of the TLC show expect a monthly photo of Felicity. Actually, ever since her birth, Jinger Vuolo shared photos of her little girl with blocks that spelled out her milestone. It’s quite possible that some fans of Counting On actually collect those for themselves. In fact, fans noticed an 11-month picture never appeared on Jinger’s Instagram. Some of them asked where it was.

In a post that showed Jinger with Felicity on June 27,  fans raised the question. However, so far, Jinger never replied. Nevertheless, there could be very good reasons why that picture never happened. On her Instagram, Jinger posted a photo showing the scenery of Arkansas. Taken from inside the car, she wrote, “This is my country, land that I love…” That came the day before Felicity’s 11-month birthday.

The next photo came the day after the milestone day. That one showed Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo holding his daughter. It was the day after Felicity turned 11-months-old. We also know from Jeremy that they caught up with Felicity’s Uncle James before the move. Plus, moving’s a big deal, as Counting On fans know. It’s quite possible those blocks and blankets got packed away for the move. We should take into account that being on the road to Arkansas and California made it a bit difficult to set things up.


Jinger Vuolo’s ditches the blonde, goes back to dark hair?

On June 6, before the Vuolo’s left Laredo, Texas for California, Jinger posted up a photo showing her hair dyed very blonde. Actually, quite a lot of Counting On followers liked the look. However, after her grandmother died, Jinger shared that they visited her folks, saying it was “an emotional week for us.” Maybe out of respect for her dad, Jim Bob, she dyed her hair dark again. The rather flashy pizzazz of blonde went out the window in that post. In it, we saw Jinger had her hair up.

In the same post where fans questioned the 11-months photo for Felicity, fans noticed the dark hair. It’s a cute photo of Felicity with her mom. Jinger captioned it with, “Getting to know this girl is a lot of fun.” Baby Felicity’s got those big eyes and sticks her tongue out in the pic. meanwhile, Jinger looks casual, cool, relaxed with her cap on, her hair up, and a dark blue Tee. But you can see her hair, and it definitely doesn’t look blonde anymore.


Fans ask about the blonde that disappeared

Counting On fans asked about the blonde. But one fan helped them out, noting maybe she never actually dyed it dark again. In both pictures where we see dark hair, it could be because she opted for a balayage style. As the fan pointed out, “she probably got a balayage style so when it’s pulled back you’ll see more of the brunette. That’s how mine is.”

So, it’s quite possible she never ditched it, actually. Maybe she opted to put it up because it’s cooler like that in Los Angeles. What do you think about it? Are you surprised that maybe the blonde hair got ditched? Or is it the balayage style that makes it look that way? Are you upset we missed seeing the 11-months-old photo of Jinger Vuolo’s baby Felicity? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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