Haley Stevens Reveals All About Jed Wyatt Relationship on Reality Steve’s Podcast

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It was recently revealed that Jed Wyatt was dating Haley Stevens when he left to start filming The Bachelorette. He left for the show and she thought they would be together when he got home. Instead, he ghosted her totally. Now, Haley is speaking out to Reality Steve about what went down with them and how she feels now. Haley has done several different interviews, but this is the first one that talked about the spoilers that Jed allegedly wins this season.

Haley wanted to do interviews so that she could speak out about herself. This gave her the chance to tell her own story instead of letting people make up things about her. She even said that she did not get paid for any of the interviews she did.

If you want to listen to the entire podcast, here it is. If you don’t, then keep reading below as TV Shows Ace explains the important information they talked about.

Haley speaks out about Jed Wyatt’s past with her

Haley admits that she was being contacted by several people and that is why she came out with her story. This way she was able to put it all out there on her own terms. She talked to a lawyer and PR firm before doing anything.

The couple actually met in October and started dating in November of 2018. They met each other’s families and even took small trips together. The couple had been dating about a month when he explained that there was a chance he could be on the show. They even went to the Bahamas on a birthday present she got him. It was March when The Bachelorette contacted him and said they wanted him to do the show.

They had a lot of serious conversations before he left for The Bachelorette. Haley says that he gave her every reason to trust him. The night before he left he told her he wasn’t saying goodbye to her and that he would be back. He even told her he loved her once he landed in LA. Jed made it seem to her like the show was all about furthering his career.

Jed and Haley never posted pictures of each other on social media, so it is not like everyone knew they were together. This was partly because of the fact that they are both artists. They also knew they couldn’t post because of the show and the chance that he could be joining it.

Why did she let him go on the show?

Haley knew all along that Jed Wyatt was joining the show to further his career. Steve did ask her why she was okay with him going on the show knowing he was going to deceive Hannah. In her head, it was just a television show. She saw it as very scripted. Haley admits that she felt like it was “harmless.” She didn’t even know that Hannah B was the one cast until he was already leaving for the show.

When Jed went on the show, he didn’t know Hannah B yet or even realize it would be her. It wasn’t very personal for him at that point. Jed made it very clear to Haley that he had plans to see her and be with her when he got back from the show.

Haley talks about his relationship with Hannah

Haley shared that she is “shocked” that Jed and Hannah B are allegedly engaged. It does make her feel like that might explain something about why he didn’t reach out to her. Jed was even the first guy that Haley ever told she loved.

The guitar case that Jed Wyatt took up to Hannah’s room on the show happens to belong to Haley. She does admit it was hard to see that on television.

A mutual friend let Haley know that Jed heard about the story she put out to People before it came out. He was warned, which gave him time to tell Hannah whatever he wanted to tell her.


Is she watching the show?

Right now, Haley is getting clips from the show sent to her. She is not sitting there watching it all, but it is coming up on social media and she can’t get away from it.

Haley Stevens is also a music artist. She says that she never wanted to be known as someone’s ex-girlfriend. Instead, she wanted to be known for her music.

Jed and Haley only live five minutes from each other. She says she never reached out to him and assumed he would reach out to her. He was home for two weeks that she didn’t contact him. It turns out that Haley ran into him at a bar in Nashville. Haley approached him when they ran into each other. This didn’t go well, but he told her “he couldn’t have known.” Haley asked him if she deserved a call and he told her that he didn’t know what to say. Jed did tell her they needed to talk, but of course, they didn’t want to talk there. After that, her friend called him a “coward.”

The next day Jed Wyatt called her and she just didn’t even answer the phone. She wanted time to prepare herself to talk to him. Jed didn’t leave her a voice mail and he never called back again.

Jed and Haley run into each other in Vegas

She ran into Jed again while at CMA Fest. It turns out that they played the same show. He asked her how she was doing and it was a very short conversation. Jed said everything happening was “weird.” Reality Steve says that Jed went and saw Hannah later that day. It was one of their happy couple meetings that The Bachelorette set up for them.

Other girls are in the same situation

Haley Stevens admits that other girls have come forward to her. They say they are in the same situation as her and some are even from this season. Others from past seasons have reached out to her saying they came forward or didn’t, but they seem proud of what she did.

There is another girl who says that she slept with Jed Wyatt before he went to the Bahamas with Haley Stevens. This all slipped out from Reality Steve. Haley didn’t even know about this until Steve told her on the podcast. This woman reached out to Steve, but she doesn’t want to tell her story now.

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Update: Later in the day after Steve posted this, he shared that Hannah B has broken off her engagement.

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