‘The Bachelorette’ 2019: Did Pilot Peter Weber Dump Girlfriend To Join Cast?

'The Bachelor' Peter Weber and father via Instagram

Pilot Peter Weber has been a fan favorite on the 2019 season of The Bachelorette since night one. Every season has sketchy contestants and Hannah Brown’s season has been no different. This season especially has brought drama about for the men who are front-runners for Hannah’s heart. It has recently been revealed that Jed had a girlfriend prior to coming on the show. New information is now surfacing that Peter may have had a serious relationship too.

Reality Steve shares allegations to blog that Peter had a girlfriend

Fans of The Bachelorette can always count on Reality Steve to get spoilers and the dirt on shady behavior among contestants. Today Steve took to his blog to reveal information that Peter is another contestant who dumped a serious girlfriend to join the cast.

In his blog, he points out that he has been in contact with this woman who claims to be Peter’s ex-girlfriend. She even completed an email interview for him. Steve had the interview and details ready to post tomorrow until he received word from this woman that she no longer wished to make the story public.


Why did this woman change her mind?

Reality Steve shares the woman claiming to be Peter’s ex decided to pull the plug on the story. She backed out because of the backlash Jed’s ex is receiving. This story was legit and Steve had been speaking with her about all details for more than two months now.

Not only did she reveal a timeline of her relationship with Peter, but she also shared photos and texts with Steve. Peter even allegedly took her to Switzerland last November. This is not the kind of trip someone would take a casual acquaintance on. He allegedly broke up with her a few weeks after this trip after learning he had been cast on the show.


Does she still have feelings for Peter?

Another reason Steve revealed for this woman backing out of the story is that she is in a new relationship. She doesn’t want to face the backlash from fans of Peter thinking she is lying or calling her names. She is working on building a new relationship with her new boyfriend. This lady has obviously moved on from Peter.

No doubt fans will be upset to learn Pilot Pete could do something so horrible. Will he address the issue now that Steve has put it out there? Does Hannah know about Pete’s past? Everyone will have to wait and see what details will arise from Steve’s new blog post.

In the meantime don’t miss next week’s episode of The Bachelorette, Monday night on ABC.

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