‘Big Brother 21’ Jackson Michie Takes on New Role of Camp Director

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Big Brother 21 has released a new role in the house this year. It has officially been announced what houseguest won too. It looks like Jackson Michie will be the Camp Director of Big Brother this season.

New Role Added to the Big Brother 21 House

A new role has been added to the Big Brother house. There has always been an HOH (head of household) and the winner of the POV (power of veto). This year though, houseguests campaigned for the chance to be Camp Director. According to CBS Miami, there’s a camp theme this year. Camp Director goes along perfectly.

Despite the twist, it sounds like both of those roles will stay apart of the rest of the game.


So what is the Camp Director?

The title gives you a lot of power in the game, almost too much for episode one. Jackson will be safe at the first live eviction. More than that though, he also has to choose to banish four houseguests. This means Jackson will get to pick for people to kick out of the house.

Then, those four will battle for their lives on the show. Only three out of those four will win their way back. The fourth will be sent home before the first eviction even happens. The only way houseguests can stay safe is by staying on Jackson’s good side.

There’s no telling what will happen during the battle. However, it’s pretty obvious that when everyone comes back, they will be very angry.

It’s also not yet clear if the Camp Director will come into play again throughout the game, or if there will be a similar situation still come up.

HOH will still be elected during tomorrow night’s episode, so the game should get close to being back to normal. There’s just no telling with Big Brother, though. Season 21 is already heating up.

This first game will start some tension though as houseguests fight for their lives, almost literally. It was a close tie between Jackson and Jessica, so there’s no telling what will happen between them. Maybe Jackson will see Jessica as a threat and send her to try to battle back? Only time will tell.

Are you happy or sad that Jackson won Camp Director? Let us know what you think in the comments. Be sure to watch new episodes of Big Brother 21. The season just started and is already pretty exciting. There’s no telling what’s still to come as the summer goes on.

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