‘RHOC’ Shocker: Alleged Mistress Files Police Report Accusing Meghan King Edmonds of Harassment

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It hasn’t been a good week for former RHOC star Meghan King Edmonds. Last week All About the Tea broke the story that her husband sent illicit photos to another woman. Meghan’s husband, Jim, admitted to sending lewd photos but denied claims that the affair was physical. The gossip site also revealed that Jim and the other woman signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) several months ago.

Former RHOC Star’s Marriage Trouble

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson predicted that Meghan’s marriage wouldn’t last five years. It’s still too early to tell if she was right, as Meghan is still standing by her man.

Both her Twitter and Instagram accounts link to a blog post titled, “I’m sad.” In the blog post, the former RHOC star repeatedly says that she blames Jim and only Jim.

However, the other woman, Jennifer Villegas, is coming forward with claims that Meghan left her threatening voicemails. She also claims that Meghan indicated that she knew where Jennifer’s family lives.

Police Report Filed Against RHOC star Meghan For Harassment

In the police report filed June 17, Jennifer claims that Meghan said “that she is gathering evidence against Jennifer for all the blackmailing she has done to Jim and other MLB players, and that she is giving all of it to the FBI, and that very soon, Jennifer will be arrested and her child taken from her.”

Jennifer also alleges that Meghan told her in one of the texts or voicemails that she wanted to “humiliate” Jennifer the way Meghan had been humiliated. (Meghan was pregnant with twins when the alleged affair happened.)

How Long Has Meghan Known About the Affair?

In her blog posts, Meghan claims that she only found out about the affair last week when the tabloid story was published. However, Jennifer’s police report says that she  “has received multiple text messages and phone calls from Mrs. Edmonds since last September when she and Jim Edmonds signed a non-disclosure agreement concerning the affair.”

This begs the question – how long has Meghan known? She forgave him pretty quickly if she just found out last week.

Meghan Reunites with Jim for Their Baby’s Health Struggle

The former RHOC star took to her Instagram Stories this week to share photos of her son’s hospital visit for an MRI. (In her blog post, she reveals for the first time that her son might have neurological delays.)

One of the photos she shared was one of Jim holding their son with the caption, “But Mommy and Daddy’s best part is the results,” indicating a favorable test result and indicates a favorable outcome for her marriage.

Meghan left The Real Housewives of Orange County after the show’s 12th season to spend more time with her husband and children. Tune in to Bravo later this summer to see if the ladies of RHOC bring up the scandal or if they have their own drama to play out.

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