Duggar: Josh And Anna Reveal Gender Of Baby #6

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Josh and Anna Duggar are the parents of Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith and Mason. Their sixth child will be born in November.

On Thursday, Anna shared a new video on her Instagram page. In this video, the kids get to take part in a fun science experiment to find out the sixth baby’s gender. Marcus, who recently turned 6, got to make the experiment happen. When he poured the vinegar into the volcano, pink lava came out. The Duggars will be having a girl!

In the video, the kids begin shouting, “It’s a girl!”, as they jumped up and down. They all seem thrilled. Anna first shared a black and white picture of the gender reveal. Fans assumed that the baby is a girl based on the look on Mackynzie’s face. This is the third girl in the family.


In the caption of her video, Anna writes, “This is the 6th gender reveal for our little family and it always so exciting! Each child God has given us is unique and special — we all look forward to the arrival of our daughter / sister this fall!”

Two weeks ago, Anna shared the gender reveal idea on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “Josh and I pulled together a little ‘What’s It Gonna Bee’ party for our kids! The kids drew and cut out bumble bees and decorated our ‘beehive’ for a ‘science project’ not knowing we were to have a blue or pink ‘volcano’ coming out of the top of the hive! Marcus was our ‘little scientist’ and did an awesome job mixing the eruption of our colored volcano for the siblings.”

Anna Duggar talks about gender reveals

In her caption, Anna talks about how she had a gender reveal cake when she was pregnant with Mackynzie. She writes, “This morning Jessa sent over an article which mentioned our first gender reveal with Mackynzie on the Today Show as something that helped popularize gender reveal cakes 10 years ago. (while it’s hard to believe it’s been that long, it also reminded us to get this video posted!)”

Then, Anna describes the first gender reveal cake she did, saying,

“A little behind the scenes story: When I was expecting Kynzie, Grandma Duggar excitedly told me of a ‘new trend’ that featured baking a gender reveal cake. Grandma asked if she and Amy could bake one for us?!?! Josh and I loved the idea and that was our plan…until our producers heard about the idea and it grew quite a bit! Buddy the Cake Boss ended up baking the first gender reveal cake for us! We were thrilled to cut into our pink cake with Meredith Vieira in NYC. All that to say, Grandma was the one who sparked this special tradition for our family and it sounds like a lot of other families have enjoyed the idea over the years as well!”

At the end of her post, Anna adds a message about Grandma Mary Duggar. She suddenly passed away nearly two weeks ago. Anna says, “With Grandma’s passing last week, this 6th gender reveal is a reminder of her love — I’m so glad we were able to share the news of our third little girl with Great-Grandma before she went to be with Jesus!”

Are you excited for Josh and Anna and their family? Did you think they would have a girl? Let us know your thoughts!

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