‘Counting On’: Joy-Anna Forsyth ‘Outta Shape’ Struggles Walking A Mile, Too Much Too Soon?

Counting On fans know that Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth celebrates her 22nd birthday this year. Still 21, she seems out of shape and breathes heavily after walking a mile. It’s a new target she set herself, but she seemed to struggle with it. She posted up about it to her Instagram Stories. Is she doing too much, too soon?

Counting On‘s Joy-Anna Forsyth expecting a second baby

Fans of the TLC show know that Joy-Annas’s expecting a second child. In May this year, E!News reported that Joy and her husband, Austin Forsyth expect baby number two in November this year. So, Joy’s about five months pregnant at the moment. She should be able to cope with a walk a few times a week. But, is she doing too much too soon?

In her Instagram story, Joy-Anna admits to Counting On fans that she’s “Outta Breath & outta shape.” In fact, in the Story, she also spoke about her target. She said, “Hi y’all.  On an evening stroll this Wednesday. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The sun’s setting, perfect weather.” She adds that she told Austin that she’s “going to try and walk at least every other day.” Her goal is “a mile or more.” Plus, she noted that it’s her “goal for the month.”

Joy-Anna outta shape, pushing a mile or more. Too much, too soon?

Joy-Anna struggled a bit to talk and her voice wobbled as she battled to get her breath back. Now, Counting On fans know that massive hills and mountains don’t feature much where she lives. Mostly, it’s quite level fields and roads. So, maybe she walked as fast as she could? However, that might not be the best thing for an out of shape pregnant woman.

According to Baby Centre UK, pregnant women who’re out of shape should start off “with a 15-minute walk, three times a week.” That’s preferable to pushing a mile every other day. They add, “Once you’ve got into the habit of walking regularly, you can build up to faster, 30-minute walking sessions, four or more times a week.” So, rather than a distance, maybe Joy-Anna should start off with short walks less often and then build up.

Counting On: Joy-Anna Forsyth
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What a fit woman could do with a mile walk

Joy-Anna noted she’s out of shape, but it seems she may be trying to do the same time and distance as a fit person. Spark People, certified trainers talk about fitness and walking a mile on their website. They talk about a moderate exercise where you “walk one mile as quickly as possible.” In fact, they suggest you don’t try this until you regularly walk “15 to 20 minutes several times per week.”

Of interest to Counting On fans, might be the knowledge that women Joy-Anna’s age can walk a mile in 13 (good) to just over 16 minutes(poor). Obviously, that’s if they already did regular 15-20 minute walks a couple of times a week.  The Baby Centre notes, “Brisk walking, or walking up a hill, counts as moderate exercise. You should be able to hold a conversation, but not without a little effort.” Well, Joy-Anna managed that very breathlessly with her wobbly voice.  Hopefully, she’s not trying to do too much too soon.

What do you think about walking and pregnancy? Do you think Joy-Anna Forsyth needs to initially walk a couple of time a week rather than every other day? Should she aim for a mile or more, or build up her walking times? After all, she admits she is “outta shape.” Sound off your experience and thoughts in the comments below.

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