Reality Steve Reveals ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2019 Episode 1 Rose Spoilers

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Reality Steve is doing a great job of spoiling Bachelor in Paradise for 2019. Today he went to his Twitter and was able to reveal how the first rose ceremony goes down. Remember, that people sometimes give a rose to someone they want to start a relationship with or just someone they want to keep around.

Bachelor in Paradise Episode 1 spoilers

Steve was on his Twitter today sharing the spoilers. He isn’t giving out details about which ones are going to end up being couples, though. His first tweet shared a few small details, but then he went on to share who gives a rose to who. A lot of people on this season are ones from Colton Underwood and Hannah B’s seasons. Of course, they are bringing back a few people that everyone knows and loves from fast seasons.

Connections are made

It wouldn’t be shocking if any of these turned into couples on Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers already say that Blake is going to be the Dean of this season. It sounds like he is going to enjoy time with several girls, but it will be surprising if he ever actually finds love in the end. Steve did share that Blake took Tayshia on the first date after getting the date card. That had to help him out in picking out who to give the rose to on Episode 1. He will go on a date with Kristina not long after his date with Tayshia as well. This is all going to end up blowing up on the show this season.

Bibiana and Annaliese went home pretty soon, but everyone might just be tired of them and ready to move on. Of course, new people will be coming in to replace them. This always changes things up as new connections are made on Bachelor in Paradise. Several great love stories have come from this show over the years.

So far the spoilers on who ends up together aren’t out, but you know those will be coming out soon. TV Shows Ace will have them for you as soon as they are revealed.

What couples do you think will come out of Bachelor in Paradise? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Don’t miss Bachelor in Paradise when it returns to ABC in August.

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