Duggar Family Shares About Grandma Mary’s Funeral

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On Sunday, June 9, the Duggar family shared the news that Grandma Mary Duggar had unexpectedly passed away. Later, the cause of her death was revealed. She had slipped into a pool and drowned. Her daughter Deanna found her and someone called 911.

Since Grandma Duggar passed away, her grandchildren have been sharing social media posts in her honor. Jill Dillard wrote a blog post dedicated to her. Anna shared a couple of sweet videos of her young daughter Meredith singing to her great-grandmother.

This is definitely a very hard time for the Duggar family. Fans of the family and their TLC show Counting On know how close the family was to their grandmother. This is a hard loss.

In an Instagram post on Father’s Day, Amy King shared that her husband, Dillon King, has been managing her clothing store temporarily. In the post, Amy wrote, “Thankful for this daddy-to- be- who has been so loving and so patient with me this week. He has been working at 3130 while I have been taking some personal time away.”

Then, she added, “Thank you for wiping away my tears, and for always being there for me through the amazing times and the devastating times. I just adore you.”

The Duggar family shares about the funeral

On Monday, June 17, the family chose to have Grandma Mary’s funeral. At this time, Jill and Amy are the only members of the family who have shared about the funeral.

On Tuesday, Jill created an Instagram post with several pictures at the funeral. In her post, she said, “Yesterday was a very hard, yet beautiful day. The service was lovely and very honoring to my Grandma and the one she loved more than anyone or anything else, Jesus Christ! So many family members and friends came together and organized, supported and remembered the amazing woman she was! And thanks to all y’all for the kind words and prayers too!”


Later in her post, Jill adds, “It started raining right before the graveside service and then there was a beautiful rainbow…’a sign of God’s faithfulness’, as Grandma would always say!” In the post, she added a photo of a rainbow.

In addition to Jill’s post about the rainbow, Amy mentioned it in her recent post. She shared a photo of a rainbow as well and wrote, “There was a rainbow the day Gma passed away… I’m standing in Gma’s front yard right now on the day of her funeral…and look…” Like Jill
said, Amy added, “You know Gma would say ‘Rainbows are a sign of God’s Faithfulness’ What a beautiful sight to see!..”


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