‘The Bachelorette’: Fury On Twitter Over Most Boring Hannah B Ep – The Reasons Explained

The Bachelorette: Hannah B

The Bachelorette 2019 aired another episode on Hannah B tonight and fans aren’t happy with it. In fact, even guru Reality Steve on Twitter said it “insult[s] our intelligence.” Fury erupted on his thread as some fans found it the most boring episode ever. However, there’s possibly a good reason for it, as it looks like Hannah B nearly “bailed” on the show.

The Bachelorette for Hannah B aired a boring episode and generated fury

TV Shows Ace reported that the entire episode of The Bachelorette “was a large recap of what has already happened this season.” That really annoyed a lot of people on Twitter. In fact, they were flummoxed and critical of Chris Harrison. The conversation came after Reality Steve posted, “Wait, are we supposed to believe this was filmed in Latvia?” He also asked, “Why are they talking in real time?”

Steve noted that “They’re at the mansion and this was clearly shot after filming was over. They didn’t go back to the mansion during filming. Please don’t insult our intelligence.” Well, it should be noted that Chris told E!News, “Bachelor Nation’s going to be throwing stuff at their TV.” He’s right on that point, as others ranted on Reality Steve‘s thread.

Fans vent about the boring episode and more

Fan of The Bachelorette could not get their heads around this mostly recap episode and here’s what they had to say about it:

  • @Ndi**: “Do we really need this recap 5 episodes in?”
  • @Cll**: “Wait so why is there this oddly timed recap, did they need to stretch this episode for some reason ?? Should I watch Bravo Below Deck Med ???”
  • @Mel**: “This is awful. Turning off.”
  • @All**: “Time to change the channel.”
  • @PaN**: “I didn’t know they did recap episodes now!?”
  • @Sta**: “And why do they act like we didn’t see all the scenes they are making us re-live?! Hello…we watched it! #oncewasenough.”
  • @Deb**: “This is absolutely excruciating! #boring#whocares.”
  • @Ken**: “Most boring episode ever and pretty much worst season ever.”

The reasons explained by Chris Harrison

Many more angry comments followed on Reality Steve‘s post about The Bachelorette on Twitter. However, probably anticipating this reaction, Chris spoke to E! News ahead of the episode. In a long-winded interview, he went on about how the other guys all take a step back in the face of the Luke P storyline.  They complain a lot, but in fact, that takes the focus back not Luke P. Actually, he noted that most of the men just never get much input and viewers may not even know much about them because Luke P is something Hannah can’t put away.

He told E!News, “And then we end up in Latvia and we have this conversation, which I was hoping was going to kind of reset her and reset the mood and the tone, and it got even darker and it got even more desperate, and to the point where she’s not sure if this is gonna work, and then she’s not even sure how it ever works.” In fact, he used the word, “bail.” They actually thought Hannah B might not see out the show.

Anyway, hopefully, things liven up for The Bachelorette fans going forward. As if to make up for it, Chris promised things will get “tumultuous” going forward.

What did you think of the episode with Hannah B mainly in recap mode? Did you get thoroughly bored with it? Are you one of the furious people who think it’s the worst season ever? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I guess I am in the minority because I didn’t mind the recap at all, and obviously I knew it was taped after the show ended.

  2. worst episode ever…. there was a moment where I thought, maybe she’ll end up with Chris Harrison. He seems to know her the best. Seriously… 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back!

  3. I didn’t mind the recap. She really needs to get rid of Luke tho. I don’t agree with the comments about this being the worst season. I personally think its one of the best seasons and she is a favorite of mine. I love everything about her. Go Hannah!!!! <3

    1. Far and away the worst season and bachelorette ever. Hannah is a very high maintenance princess blonde bimbo who can’t think or talk outside her affected Southern “roll tide”. Producers could not have picked a worse bachelorette 😏 The Show has become so predictable even with all the twisted editing.
      I have watched from the beginning and I am done. I am not even going to watch the rest of the season. If by some miracle she gets a proposal, God help the poor devil with all the requisite maintenance that comes with this bimbo! DVR erase and cancel all episodes!

  4. I walked out during the recap as I do when she sheds those needless tears. I wouldn’t blame the bachelors if they all walked out and left her with Luke P. What a waste.

  5. Hannah…are you an idiot! Blinded by good looks and no brain…. stip embarassing yourself. She heard conversations…get rid of the poor me guy!!

  6. I get that this “recap” may have been needed to “reset” the mood. She was obviously frustrated in last night’s episode and we were all left with…does she even have any connections at this point?!?!? So by re-living the great moments with the guys she does have left, it helped her (and us) to move on in hopes of finding her love store. I got it!
    That’s my perspective anyway!

  7. I wish she’d end up with Luke since he is crazy. She is absolutely the worst bachelorette ever, I seriously hope she ends up with either none of them or someone crazy like Luke….

  8. I have watched since season 1! Worse episode ever! Viewers can handle drama… But this is just an annoyance! Viewers love to hate some contestants. But he isn’t even in that category. He is just disliked and boring! Last week’s episode spent 1/2 hour on the two of them having the most boring conversation. I didn’t;t think it cons get worse. But this past week was insulting to the intelligence of the viewers. Disappointed that I was dumb enough to sit and watch this episode that was shot in Latvia!!! Really Chris???? That was the mansion!

  9. I watched episode on June 17, 2019. These episodes that are being aired are not about Hannah finding her husband. It is all about Luke P. and his issues. He dominates the whole program. He is boring, has major issues; and is a stalker. Hannah keeps him on and lets Luke do his own thing. I am frankly bored with this; and Hannah needs to step up and take control. She is not. I have watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette since it’s start-up many years ago.

  10. As soon as they announced Hannah B as the next bachelorette months ago, I thought it was a terrible decision. In my opinion, she was thoroughly unlikable on Colton’s season — very petty, vindictive, immature — that ugly hissing face she made numerous times captured her personality quite well. Watching her season now, it’s about what I expected. She is an emotional basket case, she is addicted to drama. SHE is the cause and magnet for all the drama she says she hates. I question the intelligence of the guys who seem captivated by her. I wish she would bail…or pick Luke and be done with it…they are a good match. I was furious too that we get a recap of all the disgusting melodrama…as another viewer wrote, watching it once was enough! I do think she is the worst bachelorette yet; there is nothing I find appealing about her. I ask myself why I keep watching. Something about the “fascination” of a train wreck.” Hide and watch — she’ll do things that are bound to confuse and alienate most of the guys (except Luke) and then she’ll have another meltdown because none of her relationships are going anywhere, no one really knows her, she can’t understand what’s going on, etc etc. Disastrous season.

  11. Awful show, and painful to watch. Then she blamed all the guys!!! She owes the guys an apology. They should have walked off and let her have Looser Luke all to herself.

  12. I feel like I’m watching a Dr Phil episode with all the bickering going on. Really gets on my nerves. Hannah appears to be in this for the wrong reasons. She needs to look for husband material not lust and muscles with no brains. If she’s seeing red flags 🚩 honey it won’t get better. I’m ready to see this one end. I’ve had enough. The guys should walk out and leave her to her Luke. Me I’m looking forward to BIP.

  13. Worst season ever………………..she says the same things, every episode. This show sucks and I am done with it……..forever.

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