‘My 600-LB Life: Where Are They Now’: Final ‘Goodbye’ To Sean Milliken

My 600-Lb Life: Sean Milliken

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? aired Wednesday night and we saw the show say a final ‘goodbye’ to Sean Milliken. Fans of the show recall he passed away in February 2019. Sean struggled terribly during his weight loss journey, as his mum Renee, who also passed away since we first saw him, enabled his food cravings. However, he managed to drop about 400 pounds with the help of Dr. Now and his surgery.

My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? first saw Sean Milliken in 2016

Sean Milliken first appeared on the show in 2016 and he weighed more than 900 pounds. His journey was fraught with failure and Starcasm noted he even bounced back higher at one stage than he started out. They reported that “His initial weight of 919 pounds was the highest the show had ever depicted — but Sean’s weight actually fluctuated greatly during his time on the show, at one point peaking at 1,003 pounds.”

Nevertheless, he persisted with his attempts to lose weight, even though his mother Renee actually tried to feed him food he shouldn’t eat. Actually, she even encouraged him to ignore Dr. Nows instructions. She felt guilty over the state of her son who started eating when his parents divorced. He said that it distressed him so much, he found comfort through eating. As an enabler, the whole situation was tragic.

Previous episode for Sean showed his mom Renee passed way

In February 2017, the My 600-lb Life show covered the death of Sean’s mom Renee. Sadly, she passed away from kidney failure. That devastated Sean even more, who doted on her. Plus, he ended up getting flooded out by Hurricane Harvey. While his dad tried to be there for Sean, obviously, the death of his mom came as a terrible blow. Towards the end, Sean looked lonely and depressed.

In the My 600-lb Life episode on Wednesday, we saw the last of Sean. Watching him so low and depressed hurt fans who usually find something to laugh at on social media. As one fan of the shoe noted, “Absolutely I can normally get a chuckle here or there outta things happening but tonight I just can’t.” Another agreed, noting, “Incredibly hard. I can relate to Sean and seeing him so alone and depressed without any family who cared was just tragic.”

Sean’s death upset followers of My 600-lb Life

Sean’s death came during last winter when he got some kind of infection. He started struggling to breathe but despite all efforts by the medical staff, he could not be resuscitated. His poor heart just stopped ticking and he was only 29 years old.  TV Shows Ace reported at the time, “His father Matt went to Facebook to reveal the news that Sean Milliken had passed away.”

What did you think of the very sad loner who suffered so much pain and depression? He lost weight and then ballooned back up, lost his mom, and died far too young. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check in with TV Shows Ace often for more news about My 600-lb Life.

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  1. Not aware that Sean had passed away last Winter, towards the end of the show I found myself feeling terribly sorry for him. Usually I get a little angry when patients don’t listen to the doctor’s advice, after several attempts. There was something about his self loathing, in saying he was a failure, and looking so desperate, that made me cry for him. I believe that Dr. Now truly liked Sean, and was willing to work with him for as long as it would take. He seemed to feel great compassion for him. When they announced that he had died, I felt very sad. The addiction just took him over, and he just couldn’t break from it.

    1. I so wish Sean could have had Jesus in his life. He would have never been so alone or sad. Satan works very hard on each of us to be a total failure in life. Jesus is the only one who can fight the power of Satan.

      1. Jesus and your Gawd have ZERO to do with anything. Keep your invisible Sky Daddy out of other people’s business.

        1. Tracey, it might have lifted Sean’s spirit to have had a relationship with his Heavenly Father. It might have alleviated some of the pain he felt, the irretrievable loss of his mother, the sadness and loneliness. A good Church family would have rallied around him.

          1. What does church have to to with being good? Good people are good people no matter their faith or lack of.

        2. I agree Tracey, having Jesus in his life would have given him hope and he would not have felt so alone. If he had joined a Church they would have rallied around him and loved him. He needed love. So sad!

      1. Having been a big girl myself I can understand the struggles Sean went through and it saddens me he let his depression and mental/eating addictions affect him to the point his body can’t take it anymore. Rest easy now Sean, I really had hoped you could have made it through this.

    2. Of course his death was tragic, and he died way too young. But he was given many chances: , if you watched the show you heard Dr. Now admonishing him OVER AND OVER that if he didnt stick to the diet and work the program, including physiotherapy and physical therapy, his days on the earth were numbered. Sean was extremely manipulative. His mother enabled him when she was alive, and then HE USED his mothers death as an excuse to not follow the diet. Yes, his super morbid obesity has a strong underlying mental health component, but ultimately–SEAN HIMSELF is responsible for his short life. Dr. Now did all he could. We need to start holding people accountable for their choices and actions. Sean had lots of people who tried mightily to help him. It was up to him to positively utilize the help that was given to him, and he failed to do so.

    1. I don’t see his Mother as there for him. I saw his Mother as the one that made him sick in the 1st place. Not a good dynamic.

  2. Rest In Peace sweet young man. My heart broke for Sean watching him struggle in his own. And SHAME on his father for not lending him a hand. Infuriates me!!! All I wanted to do was reach out and help him. Such a sweet guy. Rest peacefully with you loving mother❤️

  3. It breaks my heart to find out Sean passed away. Watching him at such a low point in his life, i hoped that he would find his way back and succeed.
    I can’t imagine his struggles both physically and mentally. As hard as it is to say. I hope with his passing he’s finally at peace and in a better place. Bless this young man for having the strength to at least try. He had one heck of a battle <3

  4. Back in the winter I heard he had passed away. It really saddened me to watch his story. He really struggled ALONE. My heart went out to him. Watching the show Wednesday night was very depressing be cause I already knew the outcome. It’s sad that he couldn’t get anyone to help him. He kept begging for help. It was almost as if he was living on an island one. Rest in peace Sean, you deserve it.

    1. Yes, he was asking for help. And he was GIVEN the help. He just was unwilling or unable to work the program outside the bounds of the hospital. It is sad and tragic but HE is responsible. If you watch the show on a regular basis, you will see the differences in the success stories and the failures. It’s really as basic as this… The people who are willing and able to fight the addiction, accept the help that is provided to them and make the changes in their life to change their behavior around food, they succeed in their quest to improve their health and better their quality of life. Yes, he had a crummy family. But he was also manipulative in his dealings with the hospital, and with Dr. Now. And yes, food Can be an addiction like many other addictions. . This is why the show provides support not just medically, but psychologically and physically. No one can “make” a person get control of their diet and make life changes, the changes have to come from within. And some people are just not willing or able To make those changes.

  5. I had a hard time watching him from start to finish. He was always poor me and self loathing. He had multiple opportunities to get help and all for free and he didn’t want to go to therapy. Dr. Now did all he could. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink it. He had all the resources.

    1. It’s so easy for you to pass judgement on a dead man isn’t it? He had a critical component missing. He had no friends or family that cared enough about him to support him. So you’re wrong. He didn’t have all the resources. How dare you say otherwise.

  6. R.I.P..Sean. Your story on the show had really touched my heart. After seeing the episode of your story I really tried to reach out for you cause I live close to you, but sadly it was to late….I seen the story the day before you passed away. I wanted to help you so badly, cause you were all alone trying to get your life back together. I wanted to support you on your journey of losing weight but also be a friend to you….. Your story on show will always touch my heart and it still brings me into tears. … You tried your best to continue after your mom’s passing and I give you full credit for that, especially trying by yourself. I know it had to be hard for you to be alone trying……May you REST IN PEACE…..Sean!! You are are now in a better place resting with your mom. She came and called you home Sean.😢❤️🙏 Forever be in my heart….

  7. Well I watched this sad yet lovely young man struggle like nothing imaginable.
    I tried so hard to figure out he could eat so much to gain 187 pounds in 2 months…Dear God how is this possible. Sean’s addiction was massive but I was so proud of him as he did lose and he did fabulous when food was controlled. We rarely saw him eat at home and clearly that was where his addiction was… and I agree Dr. Now really did like him and so wanted results. Rest in peace dear sweet Sean..and yes his mom was an enabler but she was at least there for him…..unlike the dad…..who abandoned him…he’s a monster…

  8. His family was absolutely horrible leaving him to die like that. He died alone and miserable and his sorry ass family did nothing.

  9. No matter what loneliness and depression will cause great pain, with no one in his life food was alway calling him. I felt so sad watching this episode as death was inevitable. I wish he was here to see all the support he really had. Rest In Peace Sean and find happiness with god as you deserve so much!!!!

  10. Like many I just watched this one episode with my momma today who also struggles with her weight fluctuating and the pain. Not knowing at the time I felt compelled to try to reach out to him only to find out via internet that he passed away. Never once was I upset about his choices especially being alone wish there was more that could have been done.. a support system of some sort to help people facing obesity to confide with each other…this hurt you fought a good battle Sean…R.I.L

  11. It was obvious he could not help himself. There should be a point at which involuntary commitment to a hospital with 800 calorie intake is the only option. Not unlike, seniors who have someone take care of their affairs when they are no longer capable. Too much personal autonomy will kill you, just as sure as the multiple people in my area who overdosed on heroin last week. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy.

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