‘LPBW’: Fans Dislike Jeremy, Audrey’s Parenting Tactic

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Fans of TLC’s Little People, Big World know that this season has recently come to a close. One of the biggest moments of the season was when Matt and Amy Roloff finally made a decision about Roloff Farms. Fans of LPBW know that the two are divorced and were working toward an agreement.

Of course, this is also an exciting time for Zach and Tori Roloff because they are expecting their second child together. Another big part of this recent season is that Audrey and Jeremy Roloff were missing. The couple quit the show, but they did appear on it every so often.

Though Audrey and Jeremy are no longer on the show, they did find a way to get some attention from LPBW fans. Due to their parenting tactics, some fans have become concerned.

How are Audrey and Jeremy parenting Ember?

In a few recent Instagram stories, Audrey shared one of the parenting tactics she uses with her daughter, Ember. Ember will be two years old in September. They began a practice called “blanket time” when she was six months old. The goal is to get her to stay on a blanket for a set amount of time.


In the videos, Audrey says, “We would basically just say, ‘stay on the blanket,’ and if she crawled off the blanket we would just put her back on the blanket and only did it for, you know, a few minutes at a time when she was younger.”

Then, she explains, that they “gradually increase the time” that Ember has to stay on the blanket. They practice this weekly, but it isn’t a “super rigid thing”. When the couple first started doing this with their young daughter, she only had to stay on the blanket for a few minutes. Now, she stays on the blanket for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

Because he knew fans would want to know why they do this, Jeremy added, that it teaches Ember “boundaries and self-control zones, how to self-entertain, how to be disciplined, how to obey mom and dad.”

Audrey said, “I don’t let her decide when it’s over”. If Audrey wants her to stay on the blanket longer, she says, “it’s blanket time. Stay on the blanket.”

What are LPBW fans saying about the parenting tactic?

On Reddit, fans of LPBW began talking about this parenting tactic. Overall, fans are not impressed with the strategy and think that it isn’t a good idea. One fan wrote, “This whole method sounds confusing. How will a child distinguish between time out and blanket time? Idk sounds super controlling and just weird. Let the kid be a kid.”

One fan in particular is familiar with this method and became concerned that Audrey may hit Ember if she leaves the blanket. The fan wrote, “Ummm blanket training is an actual method that these super religious psychopaths named the pearls promote in their book. It’s not just putting them back on the blanket. It’s hitting them every time they try to get off the blanket until they give up and stop trying. I don’t believe for a second that audrey is just doing the blanket part. Idc where she says she got the idea, I think she’s lying.”

Another fan said, “I hate when people talk about TRAINING their kids. It’s dehumanizing. Also when Jer says she needs to learn to OBEY mommy and daddy. These two are giving me fundamentalist Duggar vibes, just in a shiner package.”

What do you think of “blanket time”? Do you agree with the fans above? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I say playpen time! It’s tried and true! The Baby is entertained especially if you have a video on and Moms and Dads can do some work. Whatever the child is safe and contained and Parents can still watch them either eyes on or on their monitors.

    1. I agree with you. That little girk is not a dog. Let her be a kid and explore. And some of the comments from fans in the article I am with them in their thoughts about the blanket time. I believe Aubrey could be spanking/hitting her daughter when she comes off the blanket. I am a parent of 2 boys.Youngest is 1 mth the other is 5 yrs. And I have never or will ever spank my children. Ya I may have when I was little but I dont expect to treat my kids like I was when I was younger.

  2. I think it’s pointless and will make her addicted to her blanket. She’ll be 35 yrs old and look for a blanket to help her not cross the line. No blanket.. oh well free reign. It’s stupid. It makes no sense.

  3. I say if you want to criticize its just best to say nothing. I see nothing wrong with ‘blanket time”. Ember is their child & they can raise her any way they want.

  4. everyone has there way of raisin their child….. how quick some are to judge… time and trial… parenting does not come with a manuel…. no one is perfect….. let them see what works for them and Ember…wish you a lot of luck…

  5. I taught pre-k and my four year old students could never sit still for more than 15 minutes at a time. After 5 minutes they were no longer learning. We would do a learning activity for 5 minutes then take a 10 minute break. I would never expect a 2 year old to stay on a blanket for more than 2 minutes. I personally think one minute for each year of their age would be appropriate until they start school. I don’t think Audrey is a bad person. I think she is a good mother who wants her child to grow up knowing healthy boundaries and lets face it we all have boundaries and rules!

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