‘Y&R’ Star Michael Muhney Admits He Contemplated Suicide After He Was Out As Adam Newman

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Former Young and the Restless star Michael Muhney made a shocking revelation to fans on Friday. The actor shared some dark moments where he contemplated suicide, in the time after he was no longer portraying Adam Newman on the CBS show. Why did Muhney consider taking his own life?

Michael Muhney Contemplated Suicide

On Friday, Michael Muhney bared his soul using Twitter, in a post that began with the words, “This is my true story.” In a memorial to his mother-in-law, who took her life 14 years ago, Michael Muhney shared his own confession of a suicide solution. He admitted that he contemplated suicide in the past five years since he was fired from Y&R.

“Over the past five years, during several of my many bike rides around Los Angeles, with inescapable pain and frustration and tears in my eyes, my mind would wander. I’d think about my life insurance policy for my wife & kids. I’d imagine drifting across that double-yellow line into oncoming traffic and ending it all. All over a grotesque internet rumor and a lie.”

Muhney bared his soul, as he recalled biking and thinking how easy it would be for him to cross the yellow line to get killed by traffic. During these dark days, he really believed that he would be better providing for his family dead, as they would receive the insurance money. Thankfully, Michael Muhney spoke to his wife Jaime, and his mother.

Michael’s Mom and Wife Helped Him Through Dark Days

He shared his dark thoughts about attempting suicide with his mom and with his wife. Michael knew how hard it was on his wife Jaime when her mother took her life. Instead of putting his wife though more pain, he spoke to her about his depression. But admitting how dark things got took years. He wants others to seek help if they ever feel that there are no solutions.

Michael Muhney Watched Others Gain Success

The talented actor has been so close to great success, only to watch others become superstars. Muhney fans know that he was one of two Michaels that tried out for NCIS. The other was Weatherly. According to Muhney, both actors were supposed to be part of a new JAG series. In the end, they decided against making NCIS part of the JAG franchise, Muhney was the odd man out and Michael Weatherly became a television superstar.

Then, there was Justin Hartley. Hartley’s lucky break came because of Muhney’s admitted hubris.

According to his interview on the Peloton Brief podcast, Muhney admitted that he pushed the Y&R producers. He thought he was better than daytime television, and he made a lot of noise and threatened to leave. On reflection, Michael admits he should have kept his head down and worked. At the end of 2013, the producers called his bluff, and let him go.

The ‘Gross Internet Rumor’

It was at this time that a vicious rumor that he sexually harassed a young actress came out. TMZ picked it up from a Florida blogger and further perpetuated this false rumor. CBS doesn’t deny rumors, as they could be doing this on a daily basis. Michael was left alone to deal with repairing his reputation. This was the “gross internet rumor” that led him to contemplate ending his life. The rumor devastated him, as did the fact that he was replaced on Young and the Restless.

Michael had felt confident that he was going to return to Young and the Restless after talking it through with the powers that be. Unfortunately, the executives went another way and chose to have Justin Hartley play Adam Newman.  Of course, a few years later, Hartley went on to This Is Us and his career has soared, while Michael Muhney is still trying to rebuild his career.

‘Afraid To Share’

Michael admits he was “afraid to share” his story. But, he believes that by sharing, he is helping someone else.

What are your thoughts about Michael Muhney’s tweet about his darkest days? Do you think he is helping others by sharing his story? Please share your comment or own story below. Check back to TV Shows Ace for the latest in Young and the Restless.

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  1. I am saddened by your story. You are a fabulous actor and I enjoyed your performances. Success is yours no matter what you may think. Pray, pray, and thank God Always. You are Sooooooo loved, look around at your Blessings and consider help. Your Blessings are still yours if you want them. Do not become A statistic. Love You Michael, live Michael, and follow God. Please Don’t give up.. Have a wonderful life. Depression, anxiety, and other issues that may trouble you does not define you. Live and be Blessed Always. I am praying for you and your beautiful family. Take Care. 💘 💘

  2. Suicide only takes your troubles and puts them on someone’s else’s already overburdened shoulders, i.e. wife, mother etc. Don’t let those dark days define you. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and carry on. You are very talented and will succeeded. Success has many definitions. Define yours. Your kids need their daddy. There is only one you! Thou are not replaceable in their eyes. I’m so glad you made the right choices because nothing would be the same without you. Hang tough babe

  3. We love you Michael and never give up. I’m still praying, waiting and believing for your return on YR.

  4. Michael – there are more roles than Adam Newman at Y&R and you have been getting other roles. Continue and you will succeed. You are enormously talented – one of the very best actors daytime has seen. I am so glad you got through the darkness and talked it out with your wife. You mean so much to many people – both those close to you and us fans. We are on your side and are counting on you to do great things.

  5. Michael, you were the best Adam on Y&R and your loyal fans really missed you. I hope and pray to see you get back on track as you are such a brilliant actor and have very much to give. Believe in yourself and keep your head up. Stay strong. 🙏💞

  6. “Let anyone without sin be the first to throw a stone, go your way and do not sin again”. What has been done to MM is a sin and I don’t believe anyone in this situation is blameless. Has CBS, SONY, Hunter King, or costars never committed an infraction? People make mistakes and this situation has been handled poorly. If MM did evens quarter if what he has been accused of, this punishment should be drawn to an end. The fans want him back because he is a talented actor and it’s time to forgive and forget, that us unless those accusers are greater than God and have no forgiveness in their souls. To Michael, we are happy you did not follow through on your thoughts because then you would’ve as bad as those that have judged you.

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