‘The Bachelorette’: Two Lukes Do Themselves No Favors With Hannah B, One May Go Home

The Bachelorette: Hannah B

The Bachelorette fans saw Luke P and Luke S battling it out on the rugby field, and now it looks like their rivalry’s actually doing them no favors for the heart of Hannah B. The preview for the next episode shows her looking really unhappy and it seems they know there’s trouble coming their way. It could mean Luke S goes home. We’ll see it all play out on Tuesday, not Monday, due to the NBA Game 5 Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors.

The Bachelorette‘s two Lukes took their rivalry onto the rugby field

Last week, TV Shows Ace reported that “the two Luke’s seemed particularly keen to scrap it out on the rugby field.” That’s when Tyler C, a former pro-footballer went on his date with Hannah B. Back then, we also noted, “Luke S and Luke P are like so tormenting Hannah B with their rivalry on The Bachelorette.” Well, in the preview of Tuesday’s episode, it looks like this rivalry’s really doing them no favors. Actually, from her facial expression, Hannah B looks like she’s had just about enough of them.

Entertainment Weekly noted that Hannah B’s so over it all that she calls the pair of Lukes into her room for a talk. The outlet wrote, “Rose lovers, it does not go well. In fact, it goes just like it has been going for what seems like hours. Luke S. accuses Luke P. of making up “a bald-faced lie” about him.” Next, Luke P starts on about how he thinks the other Luke’s not here for the proper reasons. EW noted that “Hannah is really NOT loving it.”

Hannah B’s really ‘confused’ and needs to talk to them both

In the exclusive sneak peek that they shared, Hannah B starts by saying that she’s really “confused” and needs them to talk it out. She asks them, “like, what’s going on?” Then the pair get into an argument about being forced to go and talk to Hannah. Both speaking over the top of each other, you see Hannah’s face getting longer and longer. Then the argument gets back to the “wrong reasons” and “lies” and Hannah B just stood up and turned her back on them.

It’s pretty obvious that these two Bachelorette contenders intend to continue their rivalry and at least one of them should watch out. It’s not likely Hannah’s impressed with either of them right now. Actually, the chances look good that someone’s going home. Ultimately, neither of them seems willing to compromise. We do know that for now at least, one of them survives. That’s because of spoilers that came from Reality Steve on Twitter.

Spoilers on Luke S and Hannah B’s The Bachelorette

Earlier in May, TV Shows Ace reported on Reality Steve‘s predictions. He said on Twitter that neither Luke made it through to the end eventually. We wrote, “So Luke Parker will end up getting sent home after the overnight dates. This leaves him in a pretty good position to be considered for The Bachelor. If not, it wouldn’t be shocking if he lands on Bachelor in Paradise. ”

So, it looks like Hannah B may send Luke S home next week. What do you think about the two Lukes bickering and their constant rivalry? Do think they’re not doing themselves any favors? Would you also grow fed up with them? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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