Anna Duggar Shares Unique Gender Reveal Plan, Baby #6

Anna Duggar Instagram

On Friday, Anna Duggar posted two photos on Instagram. The post was meant to be about Marcus’s 6th birthday. It also included a little bit about the newest child for Josh and Anna, who will be born this November.

In the caption, Anna says, “Sunday was Marcus’ 6th Birthday! We’ve had such a special time celebrating this week — how special this little guy is and how thankful we are for him!”

Then, she describes her son and says, “Marcus is one of the happiest kids I’ve ever been around, he almost always has a smile on his face (unless there is broccoli on the dinner table)! He has such a creative imagination, love for adventure and is so caring for his friends — and when I say friends it’s not just the people around him — it’s also fireflies, slugs, grasshoppers, lizards, and his all time favorite — frogs!”

On Marcus’s birthday, the official Duggar family Instagram posted a picture of him with Michelle Duggar. In the caption, they wrote, “Happy Birthday, Marcus!!! Grandma and Grandpa love you so much! You are full of laughter and we always love hearing you share the stories of your latest adventures! You truly bring life & joy wherever you go! Hope you have a great birthday!”

Anna shares her gender reveal idea

In the caption, she writes,

“Since Marcus is currently the middle child (and I was a middle child) I wanted him to have a special part in the gender reveal…so Josh and I pulled together a little ‘What’s It Gonna Bee’ party for our kids! The kids drew and cut out bumble bees and decorated our ‘beehive’ for a ‘science project’ not knowing we were to have a blue or pink ‘volcano’ coming out of the top of the hive! Marcus was our ‘little scientist’ and did an awesome job mixing the eruption of our colored volcano for the siblings.”

The first picture shows Marcus being the “scientist”. In the second photo, the kids are watching the volcano erupt. On Instagram, Anna’s followers were quick to notice the look on Mackynzie’s face. Because she looks so happy and surprised, fans are guessing that the baby is a girl.

In her caption, Anna adds, “can’t wait to share the gender with you guys (as soon as we get the video edited)!” Fans are very excited to see the video and can’t wait for it to be edited.

Josh and Anna, along with their five children, Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, and Mason, know the baby’s gender. Based on Anna’s caption, it sounds like the family will be sharing it with the rest of the world very soon.

Which other Duggar sisters are expecting?

Several of the Duggar daughters and daughters-in-law are currently expecting later this year. This includes Lauren, Anna, Joy-Anna, and Kendra. All of them are actually due in November. There are many more gender reveals to come soon.

Jessa Seewald just gave birth to her third child as well. Fortunately, they were all able to get a picture together before Ivy was born. Prior to Ivy’s birth, only Ben and Jessa knew the baby’s gender. It’s unclear whether the other pregnant Duggars will share their baby’s genders prior to the birth.

Do you think Josh and Anna Duggar are expecting a boy or a girl? Are you excited to find out? Let us know in the comments!

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