‘RHOBH’: LVP Plans To Unfollow Costars After Reunion

Lisa Vanderpump Instagram of 'RHOBH'

On Wednesday, Lisa Vanderpump skipped the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 9 reunion taping. Prior to the taping, LVP mentioned that she wouldn’t be at the RHOBH reunion taping. She said, “The objective of the reunion is to reunite, right? And I have no inclination to reunite with the women who’ve been harassing me for 10 months now. So in all probability, no.”

Then, Andy Cohen officially confirmed this at the RHOBH reunion taping on Wednesday. LVP didn’t show up, but Camille Grammer did. Some fans were surprised LVP followed through with this. They thought she may show up at the taping anyway.

Still, LVP got plenty of support from fans for skipping the reunion taping. In all of the drama between LVP and her RHOBH costars, a lot of fans are siding with LVP. She has also decided not to return for Season 10 of the show. She has received a good amount of support over her recent decisions.


LVP will unfollow RHOBH costars

On Thursday, a fan tweeted to LVP and said, “@LisaVanderpump you no longer have to follow the bitches of BH! Unfollow so you don’t see their nastiness anymore. Move on! #RHOBH.” LVP herself quickly replied. In her response, she said, “Excellent idea lol… Will get to it ASAP.”

After that, LVP retweeted a news article that was bashing her costars. In addition to the article in the tweet, the tweet read, “What does it say about 5 women plotting and attacking 1 emotionally fragile women on TV and SM [social media] for 10 months? Smart people walk away from that. It’s time they rode their own coat tails and get off LVPs. What will they talk about w/out story lines? Toe nails?”

At this point, her costars and fans are well aware of what’s going on with the RHOBH cast. There is some conflict between LVP and her other costars.

It’s safe to say that LVP is trying to make a statement. She doesn’t want to be a part of her costars’ lives for a good reason. It seems like LVP is serious about unfollowing her costars. It’s somewhat of a surprise that she hasn’t done it already.

Keep an eye out for when LVP officially unfollows her RHOBH costars. What do you think of her decision to unfollow them? Do you think this is a good idea? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’m behind LVP all the way! I would have unfollowed them sooner! Good riddance to those bullies! LVP showed how classy and strong she is by never looking back and moving forward!

  2. I am not convinced Lisa was innocent and sad to say she hid behind her grieving to get away with what she has done to the girls before!
    Lvp may be missed but someone new will come along. Take Camille away too!!

  3. Let’s see this show take a nose dive in Series 10! Andy should be ashamed to let this bullying go on! But, when you stop and think, Andy is a bully himself! Lots of fans will unfollow these nasty people, the Facebook pages and all other SM pages and groups! Good buy

  4. I do think they set LVP up and now they know her fan base is so big they regret doing it. LVP has money she doesn’t need to sell info to tabloids, and many tabloid have stated repeatedly that LVP never said anything. Also she took a polygraph test. What did those other women do to prove they never had anything to do with all this bullshit.. They didn’t do shit.. But lie.

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