Fan Tells Jana Duggar To ‘Do More’, Jana Claps Back

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The Duggar family of TLC‘s Counting On is no stranger to criticism. This is especially true in the comments section on their social media accounts. Fans and Internet trolls always have something to say about them and how they’re living their lives. By now, plenty of Duggars have learned how to clap back when the comments start getting nasty.

Jessa Duggar Seewald has been quick to defend herself when she gets rude comments on social media. She has even swooped in to defend her siblings before too. It’s safe to say that Jessa knows how to handle the trolls.

Another one of the members of the family, Jana Duggar, is often questioned and criticized as well. She is one of the oldest children in the family and still isn’t married. She’s 29 years old, but her younger siblings often marry when they are in their early twenties. Fans think that Jana should be married and they wonder why she isn’t yet. Rumors have even been started because of this.

On Tuesday, Jana created an Instagram post featuring a photo of her garden. Duggar fans know how much Jana loves gardening and that she looks to be amazing at it. The picture shows a pretty impressive garden.

In the background is the shed, which fans asked about. One suggested she turn it into a studio apartment. Jana is a talented interior decorator, so this suggestion isn’t too far off.

In her caption, Jana wrote, “One of my happy places — the garden!! ‘Gardening is the art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas.’ – Elizabeth Murray #gardeningismytherapy”

Jana Duggar claps back at troll

While most of the comments on Jana’s recent post were positive and uplifting, there are always a couple of nasty comments here or there. Someone left a comment that reads, “Jana do more then be 30 years old living at home gardening lol what a life”.

Of course, Jana does much more than gardening. In response to the previous comment, she wrote, “Oh, believe me, that’s not all I do. Gardening is just my little hobby on the side.” She even added in a smiling emoji.

In response to the original comment, Jana’s fans were quick to defend her. They talked about how talented she is and told the troll to mind her own business.

What do you think of the troll’s comment? How do you feel about Jana’s clap back? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Jana knows what she wants to do with her life. It IS HER life! People should worry about themselves instead trying to interfere with others.

  2. Jana is a beautiful child of the Lord living her life serving Him, The best life ever. She is happy. Just leave her alone. Love her and her family.

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