Duggar’s Don’t Dance… Find Out Why Jim-Bob and Michelle’s Clan aren’t Allowed to Boogie Down

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Did you know… that Duggars don’t dance? Nope, we’re not kidding.

If you have spent any time watching Counting On or the family’s older show 19 Kids and Counting then you know that the children follow very strict rules and behavior guidelines. Most of these imposed rules revolve around maintaining physical and mental purity and living life as ‘innocently’ as possible. The intent of the children’s rules is to suppress the temptation and sin of promiscuity and teach them to learn to ‘live for God’.

Duggar Children Don’t Dance

Absolutely. If you are planning on trying to marry into this extensive family, we hope you don’t enjoy a good two-step. Dancing is simply out of the question. Jim-Bob and Michelle have spoken out during interviews on multiple occasions about why dancing is taboo for them. They feel that dancing can be a very sensual activity that can evoke illicit feelings of lust and temptation — which they proactively avoid.

It’s not just the act of dancing that causes problems

A lot of the negativity surrounding ‘dancing’ comes from secular music. The Duggars choose to exclusively listen to gospel music. In an interview with E! Jessa told the publication that their restrictive music choices are the result of modern secular music promoting sex, sexuality, desire, and other flagrant ‘sinful’ themes. Effectively that cuts out the children’s access to the country, pop, hip-hop and the like. Interestingly enough while they can listen to gospel music, the movement of dance then gets them in trouble because it’s potentially seductive to others. It’s a bit of a circular concept.


Curious about the children’s other rules?

Dancing is only one activity that Jim-Bob and Michelle frown upon.  Here are just a few of the Do’s and Dont’s of living a Duggar lifestyle — you know in case you are curious and want to try it out.

  • No premarital sex
  • No kissing or hugging members of the opposite sex
  • All phone conversations between children and suitors are subject to monitoring.
  • Children’s dates will be chaperoned
  • Children’s text messages are all reviewed by parents
  • Females are only permitted to wear long skirts and dresses. No Pants.
  • Chest to chest contact is off-limits until marriage
  • Beaches are a No-No
  • Drinking is forbidden — (this includes of age adults)
  • No romance novels
  • No holding your gaze on attractive persons of the opposite sex.

This is just a portion of the restrictions — but you get the idea. Also, keep in mind that Duggar children live at home until they wed – which may be several years past legal adulthood. Some think this makes the rules even odder.

The Expected Twist

Despite proactively avoiding promiscuity, premarital sex, temptation, lust and the like — the family doctrine supportive of having as much sex as possible, once wed.

That’s right the ring is the green light to go at it like rabbits.


In the E! article Michelle told reporters that “Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love. You always need to be available when he calls.”

How do you feel about the Duggar’s super restrictive lifestyle? Do you agree with how they raise their children or do you think the family has gone overboard? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. I love the rules they have set for their children. More parents should do the same. I do agree with them! People need to quit bashing them for everything. They have a life the same as everyone else!

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