‘Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup,’ Brittany Santiago Fans Rush To Defend Baby Daddy Marcelino

Lover After Lockup: Brittany Santiago - baby

Love After Lockup fans know that Brittany Santiago and Marcelino will be featured on the new show, Life after Lockup. Actually, some fans suspect the show edited Season 2 of Love after Lockup to make Marcelino look like a bit of a control freak. However, the couple seems fine and doing very well these days. Their beautiful baby girl Zoila arrived in December, but now fans rushed to defend her baby daddy on Instagram.

Love after Lockup baby’s beautiful and the spitting image of her mom, Brittany Santiago

Brittany initially held back on the gender of her baby girl,  but these days, she’s happily posting photos of her on Instagram. Of course, fans of the couple love that she shares, so they are quick to jump on haters. Everyone knows that hating on kids is simply an Internet “no-no.” That’s why Love After Lockup fans rushed to defend the little one and her baby daddy, Marcelino.

Love After Lockup viewers clamored for information about their little bundle of joy, and she arrived and gets shown online, so why would anyone come along and start trouble? After all, many hope the Life After Lockup spinoff covers lots of happenings around the arrival of Zoila. Actually, Zoila’s a dead ringer mini-me of Brittany, who’s very beautiful and well cared for these days.


Fans rush to defend Marcelino and Brittany Santiago after criticism about baby daddy

The photo that Brittany shared on her Instagram really is beautiful. It’s touching, and you can see Marcelino holding her up. Bright as a button and very cute, Zoila looks right at the camera. Really, this photo’s to treasure and enjoy. So many fans did just that, thanking them for sharing. Loads of comments came on the cutie-pie. However, one follower decided to call out the baby daddy. They said, “that can’t be his baby.” Like what? Other fans said that really was a rude comment.

Here’s what Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup fans said in response:

  • @kim**: “that’s not cool. So she looks like Brittany so what. Anyone who saw the show knows she is with Marcelino. She is happy with him, and he never gave up on her! I had my ex say the same cr*p, how my now 6 year old wasn’t his because he didn’t look like him like my first son, he looked like me so what? Now he looks more like his dad but at birth like me, Brittany is one of the most likable and level headed ones on the show.”
  • @kna**: “She is so damn cute, you got strong a*s genetics Brittany !”
  • @who**: “That beautiful baby is ALL Brittany!!! And Marcelino is SOOOOO in love with his daughter!!!💕💕💕💕💕💕”
  • @Kiy**: “Such a wonderful daddy! Love you and Brittany.”

Cutest Zoila needs no haters


Actually, if you take the time to look at the picture, that little girl’s really got daddy’s smile. What do you think about fans rushing to defend Brittany Santiago’s baby daddy, Marcelino? Whether he is or is not the baby daddy shouldn’t make the slightest difference, and really it’s nobody’s business. He sure looks like he loves his beautiful daughter. Sound off your thought in the comment below.

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